Build strong relationships at work

The best campaign is the one that never happens.

These days, unions feel like an ever-present risk. But you don’t have to live in apprehension that your organization is next. Feel confident with a fail-safe plan to prevent a union in place.

We believe true union prevention work starts with fundamental changes in workplace culture. Employees who feel cared for and respected for the work they do don’t want to unionize.

Stop wondering: ‘What will happen if we have to face a campaign?’


“If faced with a union organizing campaign, I wouldn’t know what to do”


“I have the right union avoidance strategies in place should I ever need them”


“We wouldn’t even know if there were union organizing efforts underway”


“My team is trained to spot the signs and knows how 
to respond”


“I’m sure my organization has weak spots but I don’t even know where”


“I know exactly where to direct resources to build a 
better culture”


“Are supervisors creating a workplace that’s vulnerable 
to unionization?”


“Our leaders are authentically connecting and communicating with employees”

We’ve helped thousands of companies stay union-free.

Your goals are ours. We’ll craft the right strategy and approach to reach them, and guide you every step of the way.


direct relationships maintained


increase in retention within 45 days

Since 1978

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Our approach to building strong relationships at work

Strengthen relationships between workforce and leaders

Become an extraordinary workplace by strengthening relationships, especially between the workforce and their front-line leaders.

Develop approachable and loyal managers and supervisors

They inspire loyalty and are the key to an engaged workforce, lower turnover, and a “hard target” for union organizers.

Understand how to recognize trouble early

You are at a considerable advantage when response team members and front-line leaders know how to recognize trouble early and respond appropriately.

Use assessment tools that alert you sooner

Whether you’re taking the pulse of your workforce, assessing the external climate around your facilities, or evaluating expansion options, our assessment tools and alert services can help you prevent potential vulnerabilities before it’s too late.