Campaign Specialty Items

Looking for an easy, high-impact way to get the sometimes complex messages about the problems with unions across to voters? Do you need a way to counter the “too good to be true” promises of a union organizer? Try one (or all) of these battle-tested Specialty Items in your next campaign.
Every union avoidance campaign will benefit from specialty items that further develop and focus your pro-employee, union-free message. These items are a simple way to communicate often complex ideas, or of injecting humor into a rigorous campaign. Some items are specifically designed to create a positive bandwagon effect as a union representation election approaches. Their greatest value is as quick, tangible reminders to voters of the many negatives of supporting the union.

Mail Ballot Elections Tools

With the majority of elections being managed by the mail ballot process for the foreseeable future, we’ve added a special package of materials designed to make sure your employees understand the process and are confident in handling the NLRB package they will receive in the mail.