Stop a union organizing campaign dead in its tracks!

URGENT: Your “Ambush Election” Action Plan

Get the days back that the NLRB is taking away from you!

In “ambush” elections unions hold ALL the cards. If you don’t recognize problems early you’re toast.

Supervisors are your only defense against union organizing. Are yours up to the challenge?

With stealth organizing tactics, micro-units, and ambush elections, it’s not enough for supervisors to spot physical signs of union organizing – they must know the behavioral signs. Early warning is all that matters. Law firms and consultants tend to focus on what they know best – the technical legal stuff. We bring to life the behavior changes that happen when organizers show up. We teach the skills and behaviors that make your supervisors magnets for the early detection of organizing activity.

Most companies confuse supervisors by trying to make them “mini legal experts.” MPulse™ Training capitalizes on what your supervisors already have: a relationship with their team. LRI’s MPulse™ Training teaches supervisors to spot problems spot concerns early and avoid union problems before they begin.

After attending our popular, updated and improved program for ambush elections, your supervisors will confidently respond to the early warning behaviors that change when an organizer shows up at your company.

Your team will learn:

  • What’s at stake for supervisors if employees are engaged, and if they are not
  • What it’s like to supervise in a unionized shop
  • What it’s like to supervise when employees are organizing against your company
  • How internal or external negative influences can impact a team
  • The critical importance of early detection and rapid reporting of union activity
  • The overt signs of union activity or labor unrest
  • How to recognize and react to union card signing
  • Your company protocol for reporting all activity
  • Your company’s non-solicitation policy
  • Your company’s social media policy
  • A review of TIPS and FOE and when it applies
  • Conditions that can sometimes increase the likelihood of a union attempt
  • The general rules for responding to workplace disruption
  • The true early warning signs of a disengaged workforce and a distrust for management
  • Where to get help when you see early warning signs
  • Why complaints should be encouraged, and how to encourage them
  • Why issues are hidden
  • The signs of hidden issues
  • Advice on how to be a fully present listener
  • Trust-busting behaviors
  • An introduction to approachability

Our new half-day MPulse™ training is different than anything else you’ve seen. Even if you’ve used our MPulse (or Tripwire) before, you’ll want to take a look at our updated program.

What Makes MPulse Different?

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