We believe everyone deserves an extraordinary workplace.

Direct relationships with your employees are a privilege that we’ll help you earn, protect, and keep.

We are a team of passionate employee advocates who specialize in guiding organizations through times of crisis.

This core belief is the driving force behind our organizations — Labor Relations Institute and Approachable Leadership. It defines our core values and everything we do.

Demonstrate Integrity

  • Do the right thing, despite consequences
  • Be fair and honest
  • Don’t cross the line

Pursue Excellence

  • Do your best even when you don’t have to
  • Challenge yourself and each other
  • Innovate, improve, and sweat the details

Step Up and Show Up

  • Work hard and look for ways to contribute
  • Take responsibility and don’t pass the buck
  • Keep your commitments and get it done

Help Others

  • Make others successful
  • Offer support, chip in
  • Extend grace

Practice Teamwork

  • Play for the team — go for the assist, share the win
  • Ask for help — celebrate contributions of others
  • Trust, embrace conflict, commit

Lead and be Best

  • Know your stuff, teach others
  • Relentlessly expand your knowledge and capabilities
  • Blaze a trail, bring others with you

The LRI Way

Our proven approach to solving root problems with sustained education and ongoing communication. 

Step 01


We dive into your current situation and challenges. 

Step 02


We kick off the process by introducing the delivery team.

Step 03


We work in collaboration and partnership with your team.

Step 04


We’ll debrief our final report detailing the progress made.

Step 05


We’ll check in quarterly to  support any ongoing situations.