Managing a Union

Let’s make the most of your relationship with a union shop without losing any ground.

Yes, you can have a productive relationship with a union and run a business. It’s all about keeping the big picture in mind. We’ll train your organization’s leaders to accomplish their goals while respecting the confines of the labor agreement.

Stop wondering: "What will happen at the next contract negotiation?"


“I am not prepared for another round of bargaining”


“We got the best possible contract”


“I have no idea what the union’s next move will be”


“I’m confident I can keep things running smoothly, even in the event of a strike”


“Since the union won, everything’s been tense”


“Both parties are working together respectfully and productively”


“When will this end?”


“We saw and capitalized on an opportunity to become union-free”

We’ve helped thousands of companies maintain productive relationships with union shops.

Your goals are ours. We’ll craft the right strategy and approach to reach them, and guide you every step of the way.


direct relationships maintained


increase in retention within 45 days

Since 1978

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Our approach to establishing healthy relationships with unions

Developing the right bargaining strategy

Start by leveraging your organization’s strengths. We can assist you in creating this strategy and handle first-chair negotiations if necessary.

Use effective bargaining communications to preserves leverage

Communications are critical for reducing divisiveness and preserving leverage at the bargaining table, ensuring you leave negotiations ready to move the company forward. Being prepared to handle a potential strike may help you avoid one altogether.

Train supervisors to work under a union contract

Training supervisors to work under a union contract is a missed opportunity to prevent the union from eroding the contract, and it can help you gain leverage for the next bargaining table.

Legal Advice for managing a union

When buyer’s remorse sets in among the workforce, it’s essential for them to be able to lawfully get answers to questions about managing a union.