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Direct relationships with your employees are a privilege that we’ll help you earn, protect, and keep.

Get out of crisis mode and get a game plan.

Unfortunately, there’s no user manual or how-to guide for employee relations crises. But there’s so much at stake; each decision you make and step you take is a crucial one.

Let us be your partners and you’ll never feel alone in this. We’ll guide you the whole way. Ask us anything — we’ve almost certainly heard it before.

What have you seen others do in this situation?
What have I not thought about and shouldn’t overlook?
What are the pros and cons of doing it this way?
What should my next move be?
What should I expect?
Any legal issues I should be concerned about?

Decades of Experience

We’ve been doing this for forty years, making Labor Relations Institute one of the longest-standing labor relations firms in the country.   

Wide Range of Industries

In-depth experience with varies industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and health care, all sizes, all types of union events.

Employee-First Approach

We’re proud of how we treat employees in every situation We take an employee-first approach through empathy, respect, and honesty.

Labor Law Experts

The only major labor relations firm run by a labor attorney, and regularly tapped for our expertise by Congress, US Chamber of Commerce, SHRM and CUE.

Highest Win Count

The most wins and satisfied clients, period. We know the ropes, we have the right people and we use the right tools. 

Preventionist Mindset

Experienced in direct union response, we know the importance of building a healthy culture that prevents future unionization efforts. 

Labor Relations Services

What's keeping you up at night?

Win a Union Election
Establish Healthy Relationships with a Union
Build Strong Relationships at Work

Tried-and-true tools for reversing employee relationship breakdowns

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Our books, guides, and whitepapers on effectively facing, managing with, and preventing unionization, all available for purchase.

Campaign Speciality Items

Simple yet effective ways to send and reiterate clear messages throughout a campaign.


Compelling videos that educate and inform employees in any union situation, including custom options.


A campaign toolbox for your team, and engaging, mobile-friendly campaign communication for your employees.

Opposition Research

Resource materials from LRI’s proprietary databases, which provide statistics on every union local in the country.