SEIU Watch July 2014

regan SEIU Watch July 2014

Dave Regan

Dave Regan has a plan to “create a totally different paradigm for the way unions and employers deal with each other.” Translation: Dave Regan has developed a new way to bully employers into helping him organize their companies.

The paradigm is this: Regan gets a company to sign his new “code of conduct” wherein the company agrees to make SEIU-UHW their union of choice while employees are forced into pre-negotiated contracts that prohibit picketing, strikes, and criticizing their employers in the media, the courts, or regulatory agencies. In exchange, Regan agrees to withdraw two SEIU sponsored ballot initiatives that would limit what hospitals can charge patients and cap what nonprofit hospitals can pay executives; additionally, he lobbies to boost Medicaid payments to hospitals by $6

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Sticky Fingers July 2014

prisoner3 200x300 Sticky Fingers July 2014Current charges or sentences of embezzling union officials:

J.C. Stamps – NULEA, NUPSA: $200,000 Jerry Thomas Vincent Jr. – IBT: $41,033 James Charleston – AFGE: $102,784

UAW Expands Members Only Union Strategy

uaw flyer 231x300 UAW Expands Members Only Union Strategy

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The UAW has seems to have nothing to lose with its new “members only” strategy. After losing a highly publicized election earlier this year in Chattanooga, the union decided to get VW employees at that plant signed up into a new UAW local, before that local has gained majority support of the employees.

Now the UAW has decided to role this strategy out to other locations, as this flyer found in Alabama indicates. Who knows where similar flyers will pop up next, and what other unions may attempt this gambit.

Wilson Quoted at Chief Learning Officer E-Zine

Screen Shot 2014 07 10 at 2.19.17 PM Wilson Quoted at Chief Learning Officer E ZineWhen writing an article on “Learning to work with unions,” associate editor Kate Everson at Chief Learning Officer reached out to Phil Wilson, president of LRI, for his take.

Among the gems:

Phil Wilson, the president and general counsel of the Labor Relations Institute, said to think about the union as a kind of politician. “You start to discover ways that you make the relationship work,” he said. Like elected officials, union leaders need to do something for their constituents — their members — to stay in office, and helping them deliver is a way to gain rapport.

Labor Relations Ink June 2014

Screen Shot 2014 06 26 at 1.22.20 PM Labor Relations Ink June 2014

In this issue:

A Hearty UFCW “Welcome” to New England Grocer Unions At Odds With Market Competition Big Labor Pulls a Statue of Liberty Play Democracy UAW Style SEIU Watch, Sticky Fingers, Scoreboard, Insight and more…

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Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson

ambush election cover Labor Relations Ink June 2014How to Win an Ambush Election

Today’s article has one simple purpose. I want you to download (and read) our latest White Paper How to Win (And Prevent) an Ambush Election. We just released it today. If you want to save some time you can skip

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Labor Relations Insight

by Phil Wilson

How to Win an Ambush Election

ambush election cover Labor Relations InsightToday’s article has one simple purpose. I want you to download (and read) our latest White Paper How to Win (And Prevent) an Ambush Election. We just released it today. If you want to save some time you can skip reading this article and download the White Paper here:

Why should you download the White Paper? The ambush election rule is going to happen. Soon.

I argue in the paper to expect the rule sometime before Member Schiffer’s term expires in December. While Noel Canning derailed the last version of the rule, this new rulemaking is less likely to get derailed in the courts. We may get lucky, but you should plan for the rule to go live no later than

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Union Bailout Update June 2014

As an employer, what would be your response to an employee who exploded in your face in a rage of profanity, threatening you and daring you to fire him? According to the NLRB, firing him is not an option! The decision went back and forth between the ALJ and the board, but was finally decided in favor of the employee for the following reasons:

the outburst occurred in a closed-door meeting in a manager’s office away from the workplace; the subject matter concerned the employee’s protected conduct; and the employee’s conduct was “provoked by the employer’s unfair labor practice” of inviting the employee to quit if he did not like the employer’s policies.

Board member Johnson summed up the “NLRB standard” for workplace behavior in his dissent:

“By this standard, employees … will be permitted to curse, denigrate, and defy their managers with impunity during the course of otherwise

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Toe The Line

Believe it or not, there are times when a union is willing to forego the money it could extract from a member. Case in point – LUINA expelled a construction worker in Indiana from the union for challenging the amount of dues going toward a union fund, and then illegally instructed the company that he worked for to exclude him from further work opportunities. The union further refused the worker’s attempts to remain current on his dues payments.

The moral of this story: As a lowly union member, it does not pay to challenge anything your union wants to do.

Whistlin’ Dixie (Organizing in the South)

UAW Mercedes 300x180 Whistlin Dixie (Organizing in the South)“The UAW has had three campaigns at Mercedes and has never filed for an election;” and now, they are losing their biggest supporters. Jim Spitzley, for example, was the key spokesman for pro-union employees at the Mercedes plant, but when the UAW wouldn’t file for an election after securing authorization cards from more than 30 percent of the employees (more than the legal amount to file for election), Spitzley had had enough. “It’s all about image with the UAW, and it’s not about the workers.” Since it’s not about the workers, it makes sense that the UAW would continue to campaign at the plant. UAW President, Dennis Williams, announced that they have a new plan for organizing the plant. Details, however, were not disclosed.


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Democracy UAW Style

dennis williams1 Democracy UAW Style

UAW President-elect Dennis Williams

Just outside the 36th UAW Constitutional Convention stood a group of demonstrators chanting “let the members decide.” They were referring, of course, to the expected vote on top UAW leadership positions. The protest proved fruitless though; and as always, nominees and opinions by rank-and-file members were disregarded by higher ranking union officials. That’s right, UAW Secretary–Treasurer, Dennis Williams, was voted in as the new President-Elect.…union democracy at its finest.

Another topic of discussion involved ideas for developing new ways to generate revenue. This, after failing to unionize workers at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tennessee plant. According to the current UAW President, Bob King, their best option is to continue the fight to organize foreign owned auto plants in the South. UAW President-Elect, Dennis Williams, disagreed. He

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