Young People More Supportive of Unions

The Pew Research Center recently released a new study detailing the American public’s outlook on labor unions. Although not surprising that millennials are more supportive overall, the fact that even conservative millennials are more supportive than not indicates an uncomfortable trend. If the trend continues there are implications as millennials begin to take the reigns of political power in the U.S.


International News - June 2015

There’s a rumor that David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is going to propose exemptions from the working time and agency workers directives – two pieces of legislation that protect worker rights in the UK. British trade unions just informed all 27 member states of the EU that if Cameron is successful, they will push for Britain to remove itself from the EU.

awuAustralian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is putting former Australian Workers Union head and current Labor Leader Bill Shorten in the spotlight to answer some questions concerning a supposed sweetheart deal wherein companies traded bulk union membership dues for employer-friendly pay and condition agreements. The Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption has also heard rumor that members of a local sports union were secretly signed up as AWU members. Mr. Shorten will appear before the Royal

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Sticky Fingers

prisonerCurrent charges or sentences of embezzling union officials:

Michelle Dancy – SAG:  $54,109 Richard Wayne Johnson – ATU:  $275,000 Marcia Shull – UAW:  Unspecified Aide Spade – AFGE:  $64,169

NLRB: Decertification petition shouldn’t be processed

Lexology posted an interesting article on how the Board is whittling away the “recognition bar” in cases where companies have agreed to card check and neutrality. It unfortunately isn’t a surprising result from this Board, but I think it’s ironic how Section 7 rights and the franchise only apply if you want a union.

NLRB Decision Highlights Problems For Colleges Responding To Organizing Efforts

In another rollback of longstanding precedent, supervisory taint gets extremely narrowed in a new NLRB decision. Note that an important part of this decision is the fact that top management was allegedly not clear about its position on the union (which seems a little suspicious if they are going to the trouble and expense of fighting the election result).

UFW Organizer Coached Witnesses to Lie

The NLRB gets a lot of flack for bending over backwards to help unions, and there is a lot of evidence to support that point of view these days. But if you think they are bad you really need to read this article.

Worker Centers as Labor Organizations?

There is a great post from Cynthia Estlund over at OnLabor on whether worker centers should qualify as labor organizations under the NLRA. We respectfully disagree with her analysis. You have to really be ignoring the reality on the ground to say that one of the goals of these organizations – and the primary goal of the people who fund these worker centers – is representational. However, it is a great look at the arguments worker centers are using to exempt themselves from coverage of the Act. Well worth reading.

NLRB Unwinding Temporary Employment Model

Does your company use temporary staffing? Of course it does. Lost in all the hand-wringing over the McDonald’s case is the fact that the NLRB isn’t just limiting its joint employer actions to the restaurant industry. Much bigger than the franchise model concerns (and don’t get me wrong, those are BIG concerns) is the fact that the NLRB is attempting to unwind the temporary worker model by seeking joint employer status in virtually all the typical circumstances. Check out this article on Law360 article (subscription required) by Bryan O’Keefe on the latest in this area.

Breaking: 6th Circuit finds NLRB has jurisdiction in NLRB v. Little River Band of Ottawa Indians

6th Circuit Opinion in NLRB v. Little River Band of Ottawa Indians via Turtle Talk

New Hampshire AFL-CIO Allegedly Disenfranchises Members

Laborpains reports on the lengths union officials will go to in order to stay in power. Consider carefully next time you hear, “it’s your union, you get to vote on who runs your union.”