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We help our clients earn, protect and retain their direct relationship privilege, as we have for nearly 40 years. We also help leaders in unionized work places protect management flexibility and engage their represented employees. We do this by teaching Approachable Leadership and educating leaders how to communicate lawfully, respectfully and effectively. We are the go-to partner for clients seeking to assess and mitigate risk, maintain early warning of employee relations problems, and prepare leaders for respectful and effective conversations that teach.

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Auto Workers
According to UAW President Dennis Williams, the union is preparing a Buy American ad campaign urging consumers to buy U.S.-made
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Labor Around The World
The Regional Labor Court of Minas Gerais, an inland state in Brazil, became the most recent government to recognize the
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Phil Quoted On Union Membership Decline
The Society for Human Resource Management recently reached out to a variety of experts in the field of labor relations,
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Labor Relations INK January 2017
Union Membership Shrinks Again! New App for Bargainers and Union Members Union Leadership Manipulation of Election Results Another Innovation Stifled
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Labor Relations Insight
by Phil Wilson How carefully do you craft messages to your employees? Have you ever announced something and then wished
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Union Membership Shrinks Again!
The Bureau of Labor Statistics just released its annual report, indicating union membership has fallen yet again. Total membership fell
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Union Bailout Update
Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s during organizing campaigns remains critical, as the recent URS Federal Services, Inc. case
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New App For Bargainers And Union Members
A new tech tool has emerged on the scene for union organizers and bargainers. It’s called Trokt and it has
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Union Leadership Manipulation of Election Results
If you need a current example of how entrenched union leaders hold onto power and stack the deck of candidates,
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SEIU Watch
The Service Employees District 5, currently in bankruptcy, have asked a judge to reject Professional Janitorial Service’s bid to liquidate
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Another Innovation Stifled By Big Labor
Staples and the U.S. Postal Service created something unusual: a winning innovation combining a private enterprise with a government agency,
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Union Leader Faces Two Lawsuits
Two former employees have sued Mickey Kasparian, president of Food and Commercial Workers Local 135. While the two cases themselves
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