Mail Ballot Packages

Mail ballots are the new normal.

Here are the tools you need to give your employees confidence in the process.

The “new normal” of social distancing, reduced large group meetings, and thus mail ballot elections is likely to be with us for the foreseeable future. The NLRB has also made changes to the rules governing the acceptability of ballots with multiple marks on them, disallowing them rather than instructing NLRB staff to make judgments as to the intent of the voter if and when possible.

To that end, we have developed some aides that can help your employees understand the mail ballot process, and how to mark their ballot, so they are ready when the package from the NLRB arrives in the mail.

NOTE: Campaign in the Cloud owners see footnote at the bottom of this page.

Explainer Series Video

We took our Explainer Series Vote Video and modified it to explain how the mail ballot process works and how to handle the mail ballot package that will arrive in every employees’ mailbox. We explain the importance of every vote, how the NLRB handles the ballots to protect anonymity, and how to open the NLRB package and properly sign, assemble and return the ballot. We also inform employees of some of the tricks unions could use to prevent a pro-company vote from reaching the NLRB.

Our Explainer videos are short and entertaining, so are likely to be watched in their entirety. You can embed the video on your intranet, or use one of our one-page video websites or our full Employee Communication website to deliver. Our sites are designed for how employees most like to receive information these days – on their smart phone!

Click here to go to the Video Store page of our website and secure instructions for the password to view this, or any, of our videos.

Mail Ballot PowerPoint Deck

If you plan to gather employees together to explain the process, and possibly demonstrate how to handle the NLRB package, this Power Point deck can easily lead you and the group through the meeting. The deck is customizable so you can insert the proper dates. Having visual reinforcement for the elements of the package, the process and the key dates will reinforce the employees’ understanding.

Mail Ballot Demonstration Package

There’s nothing like seeing the real thing! We provide a sample package just as it will look when it arrives in the employees’ mail box from the NLRB. The package includes:

  • The external envelope that arrives at the employees home from the NLRB.
  • The four-page Notice of Election, containing the ballot and instructions.
  • The interior unmarked blue ballot envelope.
  • The yellow return envelope.

While showing the PPT deck, you may:

  • Physically pull the contents out of the NLRB envelope and describe what they are for.
  • Show how to properly mark the ballot for or against union representation.
  • Show how to insert the ballot into the blue envelope and seal it – without marking it.
  • Show how to insert the blue envelope into the yellow envelope, seal it and properly sign it.

In addition, this package includes extra yellow envelopes for each employee, so they can practice how to properly seal and then sign the envelope in exactly the right place. Secure as many sample envelopes as you need to give all of your employees a chance to practice.

The Mail Ballot Package is peace of mind and employee confidence at an affordable price!

Package Pricing (excluding shipping)

  • Mail Ballot Demonstration Package – $7 each
  • Practice Return Envelopes – $1 each
  • Mail Ballot PowerPoint Deck – $149
  • Mail Ballot Explainer Video – $539* *1 year video license

Call 800-888-9115 to let us know what package is right for you.

If you own a Campaign in the Cloud, you already own the Mail Ballot Explainer Video and PowerPoint Deck. You will only be charged for the demonstration packets and extra practice envelopes plus shipping costs should you choose to order them.