Union Membership Plummets in 2009

The DOL just released its union membership numbers for 2009. Private sector membership dropped about 5% – from 7.6% to 7.2%.

Hilda Solis, the Secretary of Unions Labor, made sure to point out the (wildly inaccurate) statistic that union members make $198 per week more than non-union employees and also gave a shout out to the EFCA, noting:

…these numbers show a need for Congress to pass legislation to level the playing field to enable more American workers to access the benefits of union membership.  This report makes clear why the administration supports the Employee Free Choice Act.

Massachusetts voters appear to have taken care of any Congressional field-leveling for 2010, but I think Solis makes clear that the agencies are certainly ready to do whatever they can to pay back their friends in organized labor.

Union Members Voted For Brown

Almost half of Massachusetts union members supported Republican Scott Brown in what the AFL-CIO is calling a “worker-revolt.” I know Trumka says he’s not discouraged, but I’d think worker-revolt that basically gives the finger to the AFL-CIO’s preferred candidate and scuttles EFCA would be at least a bit discouraging.

“Survey Card” Polling

Delta-AFA activists have a new trick up their sleeves.  They are now sending out “survey cards” to employees inquiring about union interests.  The activists say employees are  “encouraged to fill it out to alleviate unnecessary phone calls.”  Also, they want name, base, and to check a box: Yes-I support; No – do not want rep;   Undecided/maybe.

Kind of sounds like an authorization card to us.

“I am not discouraged by Tuesday’s election results…”

Guess who said it: “I am not discouraged by Tuesday’s election results.”

Hint: His name rhymes with Bumka. Click here to find out.

P.S. I’m not saying the AFL-CIO is discouraged, but I’m pretty sure the victory message would have been out about 10 minutes after they called the race on Tuesday – instead of two days later.

Unions Buying Elections?

The Supreme Court ruled today to overturn a 20-year ruling that prohibited Unions to spend directly to a political campaign. Will this completely change the face of politics as we know it? It is ironic that this decision comes down the same week that Massachusetts voters dealt a serious blow to Big Labor’s legislative agenda. The long-term outlook for labor’s agenda may have improved after this decision.

Employee Free Choice Act, Without the Act

Fresh from today’s posting at The Nation:

Most legal scholars and labor experts believe that the NLRB has the authority to enact procedural changes that could, among other things:

• drastically shorten the time frame for holding union elections;

• eliminate cumbersome pre-election procedures that allow employers to dispute who is eligible to vote in such elections;

• require the employer to turn over employee names, addresses and phone numbers early in any union organizing drive;

• require equal access to both workers and the workplace for unions during campaigns; and

• increase the penalties on companies that violate their workers’ legal rights.

The NLRB even could make it easier for workers to unionize based on a card check showing of majority support–just as the EFCA would. It could force employers to recognize a union as the representative of its employees so long as a neutral third party verified that more than 50

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New Union Definition of “Green” Jobs

The National Labor College in Silver Springs, MD, has just announced a new online journal, The Green Labor Journal. In the email announcing the release was this very telling paragraph:

For the founders of GLJ, any discussion of sustainability should begin with the premise that people must be sustainable.  For any job to truly be considered “green,” the people who do the work must be paid fair wages and benefits that enable them to sustain themselves and their families.  All green policy initiatives, moreover, must include fair labor standards if we are to reach the goal of a just and sustainable society.

There you go!  “Green” jobs no longer relate to “ecological impact,” but to whether or not it is a union job. Here is another interesting quote taken from the journal itself:

The second theme that the Journal will highlight is the idea that unions

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Labor College going broke?

Unions aren’t the only ones with money problems. Labor colleges who educate union organizers and officers are strapped as well. Washington State’s Labor Education and Research Center located at the Evergreen State College is currently having huge budget problems, and are desperately appealing for help. While we aren’t suggesting you make a contribution, you might find some of their coursework (like their Union POWER series) of interest. Check them out here.

EFCA is Dead... Long Live EFCA?

The Employee Free Choice Act is dead now that Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown (Rep) won the battle with State Attorney General Martha Coakley (Dem) for the late Senator Edward Kennedy’s seat in the U.S. Senate. The Democrats lost their 60-seat, filibuster-proof Senate. American businesses are heaving a collective sigh of relief.

Not so fast…

EFCA was only the simplest, surest path to Big Labor objectives (and payback for the millions of dollars and hours spent on behalf of Democratic candidates in the 2008 election cycle). As we have stated for months in our e-newsletter, almost all of EFCA can be accomplished via regulation, without any vote by Congress.

Keep in mind,

Obama is Big Labor-Friendly. His appointments to the Dept. of Labor and the National Labor Relations Board indicate his willingness to

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Union Thugs Go After Reporter

No wonder union membership is falling at such a rapid rate.  Look at what union thugs do to a reporter while the camera is rolling. Here is another clip. I can’t imagine what would happen if the camera was off.  Some individuals will do anything at any cost to get someone elected.

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