“It’s Like Holding a Beer Bash for Alcoholics”

Phil Wilson was quoted today in the Med City News about the anticipated nurses strike in Minnesota.

Phil likened a “strike for patient care” to a “beer bash for alcoholics anonymous.” The bottom line: if you REALLY care about patient care, you don’t withhold it. You can read the whole article here.

Marine Wins The Battle!

Following up on our prior article about the Marine who could lose his job due to not paying union “agency fees.” Massachusetts state senator Richard R. Tisei recently proposed a bill that would exclude junior ROTC instructors from paying union dues. The bill was passed and signed into law yesterday by Governor Deval Patrick. It is a great victory for a man who put is his life on the line for our country.

Why Is SEIU Advertising This Page?

I keep seeing this ad on Google for Anna Burger, “one of the most influential women in DC” – I first noticed it right after Andy Stern stepped down as President of SEIU. But it is still running now. I’m trying to figure out the business case for spending union dues on this advertisement. In fact, if it was designed to win her the presidency of the union it may even run afoul of the LMRDA. Here is the ad in its entirety:

SEIU Secretary-Treasurer One of most influential women in DC Chair of Change to Win, Anna Burger seiu.org

Breaking: SCOTUS Rules 5-4 that NLRB Lacked Authority to Decide 2 Member Cases

The Supreme Court just issued its decision in New Process Steel. They held that the Board lacked authority to rule with only 2-members. Decision is here. We will comment soon.

UPDATE: The decision is a clean-kill. Justice Stevens says in his opinion (joined by Chief Justice Roberts and justices Alito, Scalia and Thomas) that:

In sum, we find that the Board quorum requirement and the three-member delegation clause should not be read as easily surmounted technical obstacles of little to no import. Our reading of the statute gives effect to those provisions without rendering any other provision of the statute superfluous: The delegation clause still operates to allow the Board to act in panels of three, and the group quorum provision still operates to allow any panel to issue a decision by only two members if one member is disqualified. Our construction is also consistent with the Board’s

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Teamsters Want Casinos In Massachusetts!

Many Teamsters in Massachusetts are unemployed, and they showed up in force (wearing orange t-shirts no less) at a hearing on whether to approve casinos in Massachusetts. Local Teamsters President, Sean O’Brien said it best: “we need an industry to jump-start our economy . . . and casinos are one answer.” The article does not mention what PR genius decided to fill the room with unemployed Teamsters who looked like they were hoping to make bail…

LRI Video: Former Union Organizer: Joe Brock, Part 1

Check out this LRI video covering: Former Union Organizer: Joe Brock, Part 1.

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Watch this and others on our union video YouTube channel.

Is It Really “Boom Times” for the NLRB?

Earlier today the Connecticut Employment Law Blog (a great blog to watch by the way, and its author Daniel Schwartz is someone you should follow on twitter if you don’t already…) had a post on “Boom Times” at the NLRB. I have to admit that when I read it I was nodding my head in agreement. As someone who watches petition activity very closely, my impression was the same as the NLRB regional officer who said that petitions were way up. Then I went to LRIonline and ran the numbers…

Surprisingly, petitions overall are tracking pretty close to where they were last year. I’m not saying that a 70% increase in petitions in Region 34 is anything to sneeze at, but do they really need 3 lawyers to handle those additional 2 cases

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Caesar’s Palace Changing The Face Of Las Vegas?

Ceasar’s Palace is about to head down the path of the Wynn property and make dealers share tips with pit supervisors. I wonder if they’ll post an over-under on length of time before the dealers file a union petition?

Spirit Airlines Pilot Strike Leaves Thousands Stranded

Early Saturday morning Spirit Airlines pilots walked off the job leaving literally thousands of travelers stranded. The airline has offered a thirty percent increase in pay over the next 5 years, but the pilots have yet to decide on the offer. Apparently the pilots don’t get the fact that these pissed off travelers are the ones who ultimately pay (or more important don’t pay) for the wage increases.

SEIU Wants “Internal” Organizers

We are always amused at job postings for “internal” union organizers. From the announcement itself:

“Responsibilities include identifying, recruiting and mobilizing activists and leaders to support the union’s agenda for addressing large systemic problems that workers encounter in their work place. This is an internal organizing position, not a traditional representational role.”

These jobs are to make sure that the people who are already union members stay that way (plus making sure that they do all the other things good union members are supposed to do, like show up for political rallies and the like…). One thing we’ve always wondered. If you just focused on the “traditional representational role” would you really need internal organizers in the first place?