Social Media Spotlight

Big Labor continues to improve at using social media for its purposes. This recent report (PDF) includes highlights of interviews with 23 organizers about how they use new social media tools and work-and-family issues in organizing campaigns, particularly with women and younger employees.

At the February 13th “Organizing 2.0” conference held in New York City, the focus was on “Online Organizing.” The conference included:

• Hands-on training on relevant software, case studies, and suggestions for best next steps. • How to move from having an online presence, to using it effectively to achieve mission goals. • What works best to win campaigns, serve members and drive up individual engagement.

To see more detail about the material covered, review the registration form here.

In New York, public unions that have typically spent millions in each election

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TSA Handout

Big Labor was just handed another 40,000 or so public employees when Transportation Security Administration head John Pistole agreed to grant partial collective bargaining rights to TSA employees. Until this decision, the TSA agents could unionize, but had no bargaining rights. Only 12,000 had joined the ranks of AFGE to date, but more agents will begin voting in March. AFGE president John Gage remarked at a press conference that the TSA ranks 240 out of 244 federal agencies on morale. Chances are good that a majority of them will opt for representation by the union.

New, Useful Web Sites

The NLRB just announced the launch of the latest revision of its web site, and it does appear much improved. According to the NLRB, the site will include:

• All Board decisions are now posted to the site at the time they are issued, rather than after a three-day holding period. • Unpublished decisions, which do not appear in the official bound volumes of Board decisions. • A new case-management system that will be deployed to all regional offices by the end of this fiscal year. • A data section that tracks NLRB activities over the years by the numbers. • Improved navigation. • A subscription service that allows users to choose email delivery of press releases, decisions and memos.

You can also find a link to connect to the site via typical social media venues,

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Union Bailout Update

The fur is beginning to fly as new administrations, both in D.C. and in many of the states, begin to tie union issues to budget problems, and work to unravel the choke hold that Big Labor has had on legislative and regulatory processes the last few years. The NLRB backed down when 4 state Attorneys General rebuffed the NLRB General Counsel’s threat to sue. In a letter back to the Attorneys General, the acting GC said, “As you have unanimously expressed the opinion that the State Amendments can all be construed in a manner consistent with federal law, I believe your letter may provide a basis upon which this matter can be resolved without the necessity of costly litigation. My staff will shortly be in contact with the staff members you have designated to explore this issue further.”

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YouTube Video: Big Labor's Unfunded Pension Plans

Check out this YouTube video covering: Big Labor’s Unfunded Pension Plans

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Watch this and others on our union video YouTube channel.

SEIU Wants 10 Day Elections!

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is planning a major campaign to recruit members and counter political pressure on public-sector unions. The campaign—called Fight for a Fair Economy—will focus on mobilizing mostly low-wage minority workers in 10 to 15 cities, including Cleveland, Milwaukee, Miami and Detroit, according to an internal memo leaked to The Wall Street Journal. The SEIU wants the effort to peak in the summer of 2012, with events at primaries, town-hall meetings and other campaign venues, according to the memo.

The memo also revealed that the SEIU will work to persuade the NLRB to to compress the time frame between when a union files for an election and when the election takes place. The union wants to shorten this time period to 10 days. SEIU spokeswoman Inga Skippings declined to confirm that

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Gingrey Introduces Union Bill Combating Big Labor

Congressman Phil Gingrey introduced H.R. 548, Restoring Democracy in the Workplace Act, a bill to repeal a rule promulgated by the National Mediation Board allowing unions to organize railway and airline industries with less than a majority of employees voting in favor of representation. Gingrey stated: “It is imperative that employees retain their democratic rights in the workplace when deciding whether or not to unionize, and the National Mediation Board’s rule allowing a minority of employees to decide the fate of representation elections is inherently undemocratic.”

“The rule imposed by the NMB is nothing short of a political gimmick to circumvent the legislative process and enact meritless, big labor priorities through an unelected three person panel,” Gingrey continued. “Their move to radically alter these rules without any necessary reason for doing so is clearly arbitrary and motivated by

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Democrats Kick Dust At Big Labor

Labor Unions are not happy that the Democrats decided to play their 2010 convention on a non-union playground. North Carolina has the lowest percentage of unionized companies in the entire nation at 3.2%, and is a Right To Work state to boot. The state even has a law on the books prohibiting collective bargaining by government workers. Concerning the selection of Charlotte, International Association of Machinists communications director Rick Sloan stated: “Going to a right-to-work state and starting a convention on Labor Day for the Democrats?”… Wow. That’s quite the equation.”

“Facebook Firing” Case Settled

The NLRB announced last night that they had settled the case against American Medical Response related to the termination of an employee for complaints made against a supervisor on that employee’s Facebook page. The terms of the settlement were not clear in the Board’s release, but it appears the company agreed to rewrite its policies related to social media. This undoubtedly won’t be the last case on the subject, but I think the employer community can be thankful that the Board won’t get an opportunity to weigh in on Facebook pages right away.

CEI Announces The Launch Of

The Competitive Enterprise Institute is proud to announce the launch of, a new labor policy resource and news aggregation website. WorkplaceChoice is a comprehensive, up-to-date website for all news on labor regulations, private and Government sector unions, pensions, and pro-worker legislation. Click here to check it out.