AFL-CIO Targets Young Workers

afl cio AFL CIO Targets Young WorkersBig Labor recognizes that most older working adults are not interested in unions. To survive, unions have been spending huge resources to attempt to change the legislative and/or regulatory environment to make union organizing easier.

However, it appears that Big Labor has not put all of their eggs in the law-making basket. Younger workers are entering the workforce in droves at a horrible time economically, and the likelihood that they will become disenchanted with their opportunities is valid. The AFL-CIO sees this as a potential gold mine for future union prospects, and is attempting to spin the conversation in a way that paints unions as the only hope for these high-energy workers.

AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler is leading a major AFL-CIO young worker initiative designed to enable unions to appeal to young,

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12 Union Myths Exposed

In our fifth installment of The Cato Journal’s January 2010 “Are unions good for America?” issue, we cover the fifth myth.

Here is The Homeland Stupidity web site’s synopsis of this myth, and a link to each of the 12 Cato articles.

Myth Number Five: Organized labor has worked to promote racial equality.

trumka3 12 Union Myths ExposedFact: Unions have used racial discrimination as a tool to enrich themselves, and continue to do so today. In 2008, Richard Trumka, who is now the president of the AFL-CIO, said, “We know, better than anyone else, how racism is used to divide working people.” He should, because the unions have been doing it for their entire existence, and still are, as Paul Moreno, history professor at Hillsdale College, illustrates. It isn’t — and probably never was

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Promoters and Detractors

Stressed+out 1727 18802195 0 0 9206 300 Promoters and DetractorsYour ear is still ringing. It’s been several minutes since the last call, but you can’t bear to count how many pink message slips remain in the stack your assistant handed you after lunch. It’s like each caller got to listen to the one before and has an even better complaint about the recent change in the benefits plan. You’ve got a Detractor problem.

Promoters and Detractors behave in dramatically different ways. They produce dramatically different results.  The simplest way to think about the Promoters and Detractors theory of engagement is to think of employees like customers of the employment opportunity you offer. 

Your employment benefits are the “product” your company offers employees:  wages and benefits, safety and security, personal growth and socialization.  Your employee-customers purchase the

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EFCA Update

becker1 EFCA UpdateCraig Becker and Mark Pearce have been in office for about a week after receiving their recess appointments during the Easter recess. We commented at the time about what this likely means – if you missed that post, be sure to read it here. Two weeks ago we released our well-received white paper Left of Boom which summarizes our advice – be vigilant, and take truly proactive steps to predict and avoid union activity (hint: training your supervisors to respond to union activity after it has begun is NOT proactive).

nlrb EFCA UpdateNLRB Member Peter Schaumber, who for the recent past has been the only other member of the board with Chairman Wilma Liebman, lately reiterated that

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Union Video: UFCW Organizer Interview Video

holden video preview Union Video: UFCW Organizer Interview VideoMary Holden worked in the grocery industry in the upper Midwest, first as an employee and UFCW shop steward, and later as a human resources manager. Mary has seen the union’s hidden agenda from both sides of the bargaining table. For a compelling, fresh story of the real union agenda, check out our latest organizer interview here (viewing requires a username and password – to request one call 800-888-9115 or fill out the password request form).

5 Ways To Win A Union Election Slide Share

We just published a new presentation on  Union Free: 5 Keys To Winning Your Union Election

View more documents from Labor Relations Institute on our Slide Share page.

Michigan Trying to Kill Every Last Business In the State

The National Federation of Independent Business Small Business Legal Center joins the Midland-based Mackinac Center Legal Foundation in fighting for independent Michigan daycare providers who are being subjected to forced unionism. Unilaterally forcing people into unions they didn’t choose and then withholding “dues” from their payments? In Michigan? Really?

These day care providers have got to be the only companies left in the state. But make sure that unions get their pound of flesh. Seriously, Michigan, you should save the money on all those full-page ads I see about your wonderful business climate.

How To Lose Your Union Free Election: Part 1 Running a “Traditional” Campaign

I’m about to explain something that will make a lot of people in the labor relations industry mad. But it’s simply a fact. The most common mistake the companies make is running a “traditional” campaign. By traditional campaign I mean a campaign that is driven primarily by the written word, especially letters, handouts and posters.

The “traditional” campaign was successful in the 1970’s and 80’s, as companies began to respond more aggressively to union organizing activity. This campaign was successful for two reasons:

Unions were lazier. Fifteen years ago a union that faced employer opposition would often walk away. Even if they did go through with an election they would not put up much resistance to an employer’s campaign. Their strategy was basically to file the petition and hope for the best. Written communication was more “normal.” The other reason that the traditional campaign worked is because it was much

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Release: Free White Paper Answers What Can Your Business Learn From the Iraq War?

We just issued a press release on our most recent white paper. You can view the release here. You can also download a copy of the Free white paper Left of Boom.

Release: What Can Your Business Learn From the Iraq War?

We just issued a press release about our latest white paper, Left of Boom. You can read the press release here or you can download the white paper here.