Positive Employee Relations: Happiness at Work Quiz

A reporter recently asked if I had a “quiz” to determine whether or not you had a happy workplace. I told her I don’t think you can really determine such a complex question with a quiz, but that our survey research did give some starting points. Here are 3 places to start:

1. Satisfaction usually boils down to your relationship with your immediate supervisor. This is what I call the “don’t be a jerk” factor. People don’t leave companies or jobs, they leave crappy managers. In our survey research you can almost always predict overall satisfaction by looking at statements like, “My supervisor listens to my ideas and suggestions when I make them” and “I am able to talk openly and honestly with my supervisor about my work.”

2. Do you defend your company if somebody is trashing it? That’s another great measure of engagement. We call those employees “net

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Union Free: How to Lose A Union Election: Bonus TIPS

Union free elections are lost for many reasons. As we discussed in Part 3, one reason companies lose elections is because they break the Labor Board rules. That’s why our number one rule for consultants and clients is don’t cheat. We have never committed an unfair labor practice in thousands of elections because we follow these rules.

Here are some bonus tips on how to avoid these problems (by the way, the easy way to remember the rules is to remember the word TIPS). These slip-ups often lead to unfair labor practices and overturn elections.

Threats: A common error is threatening employees. Any threat that a bad thing will happen if an employee votes for the union is unlawful. It’s also a bad campaign strategy. A manager who threatens an employee is making a terrible assumption. He assumes that the threatened employee will do what he wants. This often backfires.


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The Facts On Union-Only Project Labor Agreements YouTube Video

Check out this YouTube video covering The Facts on Union-Only Project Labor Agreements.

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Union’s Greenmail For Project Labor Agreements YouTube Video

Check out this YouTube video of Union’s Greenmail for Project Labor Agreements.

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INK: April 22, 2010

inkquill22 INK: April 22, 2010 Labor Relations INK

In this issue:

EFCA Update Stern Signs Off Truth & Disclosure SEIU Watch, ULP Charge Of The Month, Scoreboard and more…

EFCA Update

Mc INK: April 22, 2010

Claire Mccaskill

Speculation continues to spiral in just about every direction about the likelihood that “EFCA” will come to pass, either as legislation or as regulatory changes via the National Labor Relations Board. On the legislative side, Senator McCaskill (D – MO) summed up the legislative school of thought: “I don’t think that card-check is going to come up,” referencing the current session of Congress. However, as we have mentioned before, various elements of the original

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Stern Signs Off

stern3 Stern Signs OffIt is old news by now that Stern has announced his upcoming resignation as head of the SEIU. Until Stern announces how he will cash in his political capital, it is useless to speculate. However, it is interesting to listen to pundits on both sides of the Big Labor issue dissect his legacy, as there are lessons to learn on both sides of the aisle. Here is a quick synopsis by some of the more astute and credible sources:

• Stern started out asking the right questions, but came up with the wrong answers (from labor writers at Labor Notes).

• Stern’s mission to transform the labor movement is faltering, while his own union is in poor fiscal health and rocked by federal investigations (from Washingpost.com)

• Stern used the

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Daycare Providers Fighting Mad

daycare1 Daycare Providers Fighting MadWe have reported several times on the move by unions and state governments to collude in pushing unwitting home day care providers into “unions.” Four providers in Michigan have taken the issue to court, exposing the move for the underhanded scheme that it is.

Even though the agency created to manage the strange government-union entity had been defunded by state legislators, the Home Based Child Care Council has continued to operate because, as Michigan Department of Human Services spokesman Elijah Woods III said, the Legislature had not included specific language to cut off the funding. The case has been bumped up to the Michigan Supreme Court and should be decided within a couple of months.

Unions Bully State Governments

bully Unions Bully State GovernmentsWhile state governments and municipalities everywhere are grappling with budget crises, Big Labor is loaming as a larger factor in restricting the ability of government leaders to maneuver in order to keep their ships afloat. From sending members to legislative meetings to threaten representatives, to orchestrating the potential threat of the severance of federal funding, the unions are making flexing their political muscle. This succinct 1-minute video tells the story in California, as does this quote from an Investors Business Daily blog:

California state officials learned last year of SEIU’s pull when, as part of an effort to dig the state out of its enormous deficit, they tried to trim the pay of state health workers. The state officials got a call from the Obama administration telling them to

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Hartford Nursing Home Residents At Risk

Let’s hope that residents of four Hartford, CT, nursing facilities don’t read our article about the risk of death in unionized healthcare facilities. With the SEIU-affiliated employees of Spectrum Healthcare planning on going on strike “until a settlement is reached,” their level of care and attention may be suspect. Since the employees have been without a contract for over a year, it may not bode well for the residents. No matter how many temporary workers Spectrum can bring to the workforce, there is no replacing the intimacy and history that current nurses and staff with each of the residents, and it is never in the patients’ best interests when healthcare employees abandon their posts to strike.

DOL Members Picketing Against Secretary Solis

Labor Secretary Solis’ DOL Members Picketing Against Secretary Solis

Labor Secretary Solis

Frustrated Department of Labor (DOL) union members will launch an informational picket on April 20th to protest what they see as inconsistent behavior between Labor Secretary Solis’ actions as an employer and her words. The picket comes as a result of Secretary Solis’ alleged lack of follow through on President Obama’s vision of implementing family-friendly work policies. Sounds like Solis could use some good labor relations consulting…