Calm Before The Healthcare Storm

According to two healthcare human resource specialists, the remainder of this year may be the last chance for those in the healthcare industry to prepare for a likely union organizing onslaught. The authors observe,

The political and economic events of the past several months should be taken as a small warning of what is to come, as the next six months are expected to be a relative period of calm before Big Labor’s wrath is fully realized after the November 2010 mid-term elections. We believe the path healthcare employers choose to take over the next six months will likely separate those organizations who are able to successfully remain union-free in 2011 and beyond from those that find themselves unprepared and at the mercy of the new environment as it relates to union organizing.


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Workers Freedom and Statistical Productivity

The Alliance for Worker Freedom has released its second biennial report, the Index of Worker Freedom: A National Report Card. The index is a state-by-state comparative study that measures worker freedom through an analysis of policy implications as well as quantitative state data.

One of the key findings from this year’s index was the negative correlation between a state’s union density and its level of worker freedom. Unsurprisingly, workers and employers are fleeing states with low levels of worker freedom – generally heavily unionized states – in favor of states with high levels of worker freedom.

The study’s findings parallel an earlier Gallup poll indicating that a majority of Americans think “unions mostly hurt the economy.”

An economist writing for the Christian Science Monitor contributed a short article using simple math to explain statistical productivity and job loss as it

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SEIU Watch

As SEIU’s momentous elections at Kaiser health facilities in California loom closer, the embattled union can breath a bit easier having reached a “profitable” settlement with UNITE HERE. Cash-strapped SEIU ended up with the grand prize, Amalgamated Bank of New York.

According to the Pittsburg Tribune-Review,

“The current fight was over the assets (of the bank). It’s very likely there was a quid pro quo” to reaching a settlement — the bank in exchange for members, said John Russo, co-director of Youngstown State University’s Center for Working Class Studies.

“The bank was the big prize all along. The SEIU was financially strapped, spending tens of millions on fighting. Most of the members are going to stick with Unite Here,” said James Sherk, a senior policy analyst in labor economics for The Heritage Foundation, a think tank in

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Union Indoctrination

Big Labor is far ahead of the business interests in this country in the battle for the minds of the next generation. A labor journalist recently attended a workshop run by unionists for educators in New York, focused on teaching particular aspects of labor history (in this example the Triangle Fire in 1911). The idea of course is to condition young people to be sympathetic to unionization. It is apparent reading the comments to the post that these “union-education collaboratives” are spread across the country, and are fairly active.

Most of us would tend to “admit” that at some point in our history, labor unions were good, and possibly even necessary. Adam Bitely, writing for Americans for Limited Government, takes issue with this train of thought in an article titled, “Were Labor Unions Ever

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EFCA Update

The Employee Free Choice Act appears to be the bill that will not die. As we move closer to the November elections, and the prospect of lame duck shenanigans, all of the players continue to posture on their side of the issue. The President reiterated his support for the bill, reassuring the AFL-CIO that he would “keep on fighting” to pass it (watch the video here). Speaker of the House Pelosi did the same at a CWA meeting.

If a lame duck ploy fails, another strategy is surfacing that could have a major impact on the EFCA and other unpopular legislation. The Democrats are considering a move to change the Senate rules to limit filibusters. If the Democrats hold onto a majority of the seats in the Senate after the elections, when the Senate

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Anna Burger Leaves SEIU & Change To Win

Anna Burger has unofficially left the SEIU as Secretary of Treasure and from her Chair position with the Change To Win federation.  SEIU’s new President Mary Kay Henry extended an invitation to Burger to stay, but it has been declined. No word as of yet to what Burger’s next step will be. United Food and Commercial Workers President Joe Hansen will take over her Change To Win position.

LRI Video: Former Union Organizers: The Union Gamble, Part 1

Check out this LRI video covering: Former Union Organizers: The Union Gamble, Part 1.

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Largest Election In 70 Years Set: SEIU vs. NUHW

The NLRB recently set the stage for what will be the largest private union election in nearly 70 years. On September 13th, 44,000 Kaiser employees will be voting whether to keep the SEIU in place or to switch over to the NUHW, which is California’s (and probably America’s) fastest growing union. The election will be held by a mail ballot.

Obama Tries To Gain Union Support

President Obama met with the AFL-CIO Executive Council yesterday to sure up support for the November elections. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka addressed his his organization’s leaders and political organizers Tuesday by saying: “Progress may be plodding, the labor lobby is slowly getting what they want from this White House. We need to tell our union brothers and sisters: We know you’re angry. We know you’re frustrated. We know we haven’t achieved everything we worked for. But we’ve made progress and we have to keep it going.” It’s anybody’s guess though whether these speeches will work with union members, due to the fact they have not received their number one priority Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) legislation yet. One thing is certain Trumka is trying to make sure union members

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YouTube Video: Pelosi Wants EFCA To Happen Soon!

Check out this YouTube video covering: Pelosi Wants EFCA To Happen Soon!

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