Runaway Returns To The Fold

As of October 1, the Laborers (LIUNA) will once again be a part of the AFL-CIO. The union had disaffiliated in June of 2006. Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO, and Terry O’Sullivan, President of the union, both reiterated the need for combined political action as a motivation for the move.


When UAW International representatives showed up at a plant in Indianapolis this month to try to encourage the acceptance of a contract, they were booed and kicked out of a meeting. As the representatives were packing to leave, the standing-room-only crowd told them to take the local president with them. Seems the union members don’t feel that their union is representing their interests, but instead is focused on the 17% stake the union has in GM. Back in October, current UAW president (then vice president) Bob King was met with the same reaction when he tried to force an International-negotiated contract upon Ford UAW members.

It appears that there is a growing awareness among union members that the unions they belong to don’t necessarily have their interests at heart, and in fact may

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EFCA Update

Washington’s pro-Big Labor officials handed the unions their third reprieve from transparency rules since taking over in November 2008. This time the focus was on the Form LM-30, which was intended by the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA) to require labor organization officers and employees and their spouses and minor children to publicly disclose certain financial interests held, income received, and transactions engaged in to prevent any conflicts of interest.

The proposed changes would accomplish the following:

• Return to the pre-2007 practice whereby union officers and employees were not required  to report compensation they received under union leave and “no docking” policies established under collective bargaining agreements or by custom and practice of the workplace. • Exclude union stewards and similar union representatives, such as a member of a safety committee or a bargaining committee, from having to

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AFL-CIO and SEIU Joining Forces!

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and SEIU President Mary Kay Henry are joining forces when it comes to political campaign contributions this year. Trumka and Henry are both pledging $44 million dollars from each of their corporations… err… unions. Most of the contributions will benefit Democrats with a pro-union agenda. It is very unusual to see the AFL-CIO and the SEIU working together since their split in 2005.

LRI Featured In Fox Business

LRI’s Phillip Wilson was featured in an article on using social media in business on today. The article, “Crowdsourcing: Learning From the Herd” can be found on or you can download a copy from our media page.

YouTube Video: Exposed: How SEIU’s “Corporate Campaign” Used Clinton’s Department of Labor

Check out this YouTube video covering: Exposed: How SEIU’s “Corporate Campaign” Used Clinton’s Department of Labor

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NUHW Going Broke?

The National Union of Health care Workers (NUHW) recently stated that they financially can not afford to pay a 1.57 million dollar judgment issued against them. In fact, the NUHW says it best by saying: “they do not have the resources and would face “bankruptcy” and “homelessness” if they are forced to comply with the award.” Former SEIU leaders misused millions of dollars from members dues to attempt to start the NUHW. One Kaiser Communications Center union member states: “If paying this court-ordered judgment is a hardship for them, they should’ve thought about that before illegally using our dues money for their own purposes.” This should be a clear “wake up” call for anyone who was or is thinking about union representation.

Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours!

Unions may not have the physical size they used to, but they remain able to pack a huge punch with influence. For example, in the 2008 election unions donated over $400 million dollars to help elect Democratic candidates and President Obama. While Obama and Big Labor allies have not been able to deliver the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), he has nominated political appointees at the NMB, NLRB and DOL who have already taken steps to make it easier for unions to organize. The administration has already gone a long way toward paying back the donations received by the unions with labor friendly policies. In fact, “Obama asked Congress for another $50 billion, on top of what the stimulus already provided, to prevent states from firing employees.” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is still the leading supporter for EFCA and claims it will pass during the lame duck

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Local 23 Sends International UAW Packing!

Check out this YouTube video covering: Local 23 sends International UAW Packing!

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"Scabs Go Home!"

UFCW 1994 MCGEO Organizing Coordinator Amy Miller is quoted by saying, “These scavengers are nothing more than scabs and they need to go back from where they came from.” Jamele McLaurin – a six-year member of UFCW 1994 MCGEO said, “This group is making impossible promises about wages and benefits that can’t be delivered on in a booming economy, let alone during a budget crisis.” He also added, “They are going about their business in an underhanded and sneaky way- they’re essentially trying to steal us from our union. It’s unethical and it’s disgusting.” You may ask if these union members talking about a union-busting consulting firm? Actually believe it or not they are talking about another union. The statements above are responses to recent attempts to raid the UFCW 1994 MCGEO members by the Massachusetts and New York based NCEU and UPSEU “rogue unions.”