SEIU Watch

Although SEIU pledged to “create WWIII” to drive NUHW out of California hospitals, they seem to be fighting an uphill battle, and losing. 600 USC University Hospital Workers joined the NUHW after the SEIU teamed up with hospital management to run a “no-union” counter-organizing campaign. The integrity of SEIU’s interest in “workers” rings clear, when they would rather employees choose “no-union” over an SEIU rival! In the continued tussle over 47,000 Kaiser Permanente union members, 1,300 mental health workers filed a petition to leave the SEIU for NUHW.

The SEIU is also stringing together a run of political failures. First, they failed to get enough signatures to put a third party on the ballot in North Carolina, a measure designed to punish Rep. Larry

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Blunt Talk About Unions

In this refreshing video, New Jersey Governor Christie takes on the teachers unions. Although he is referring to a public sector union, his comments can easily be more broadly applied. It’s worth the 4 and ½ minutes!

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EFCA Update

Much has been made of the manner in which the basic tenets of the EFCA could be enacted via regulatory action and by adding various elements of the former EFCA bill into other pieces of legislation. David Bego, a CEO who has first-hand experience fending off an SEIU corporate campaign, presents another manner in which card check could be implemented without actually addressing the issue directly! Here is how he sees it unfolding:

The recent DOL rattling regarding rule changes to employer and consultant reporting add financial and jail-time penalties for failure to adhere to the potential new rules. This can be turned into a host of ULP charges filed by unions against an employer. With the substantially increased penalties, and a union-friendly NLRB left to interpret the validity of these charges, many employers would

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Breaking: EFCA Light? NLRB Seeks Electronic Voting Information

As we’ve been reporting for months, if unions can’t get the Employee Free Choice Act through legislation, they will try to do it through administrative means. This evening the NLRB posted the following Request for Information (RFI-NLRB-01):

“The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is seeking industry solutions regarding the capacity, availability, methodology and interest of industry sources for procuring and implementing secure electronic voting services both for remote and on-site elections.” (emphasis ours)

The RFI continues:

“The NLRB’s requirements are for the acquisition of electronic voting services to support conducting secret-ballot elections to determine representation issues.  Specifically, the Agency requires a proven solution that supports mail, telephone, web-based and/or on-site electronic voting; that includes the necessary safeguards to ensure the accuracy, secrecy, observability, transparency, integrity, accountability, and auditability of Agency-conducted elections; and that has demonstrated experience in protecting similar type elections from both deliberate

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Have Unions Lost Their Political Mojo?

Mini Super Tuesday is now in the books, and unions have got to be feeling a little hung over after the $10 million dollar bender they just finished in Arkansas. So far the strategy to rescue their friends (aka Arlen Specter) and punish their foes (aka Blanche Lincoln) has notched a big goose egg on the scoreboard for 2010.

The Specter debacle wasn’t really that bad. To be honest, unions (and POTUS Obama)  only half-heartedly came to Specter’s aid in that primary. I think everyone just decided the Democrat turned Republican turned Democrat just wasn’t worth saving, and that he’d be replaced by a “labor guy” anyway. No big loss.

Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas was an entirely different matter. Senator Lincoln gave the finger to  labor movement on Employee Free Choice

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$10 Million Down the Drain in Arkansas

Organized Labor dumped around $10 million in hopes that Bill Halter would defeat incumbent Senator Blanche Lincoln. That didn’t work out as planned. Even worse, Lincoln won in part by campaigning against unions and the backing by unions and other left-wing groups like became a serious problem for Halter. That and the fact that he refused to take a position on the the Employee Free Choice Act, which made him look silly. By the way, do union members get a refund on that $10 million that just got flushed down the toilet?

All Politicians turning backs on Labor Unions?

With the upcoming November Elections just a few months away, both Republicans and Democrats are distancing themselves from Labor Unions. Both parties are “casting the public labor unions as overpaid obstacles to good government and demanding cuts in their often-generous benefits.” And some even question the long term loyalty of the candidates they support, like Bill Halter in Arkansas.

US Representative Says EFCA “Deader than a Doornail”

U.S. Representative Phil Roe recently said in an interview that the card check legislation known as the Employee Free Choice Act is “dead as a doornail.” Although the AFL-CIO is trying to push the bill through before November, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi commented: “Unless the Senate acted on it, she would not bring it to the House floor.” We will have to see if the AFL-CIO has anymore tricks up their sleeves for a final push on their much desired legislation, before the November elections.

GPS For Finding Jerks in Your Company

Want an easy way to locate the jerks in your company? Look for departments with a lot of detractors. Chances are good that the department is run by a jerk.

“But how do I find these detractors,” you say. “And what the heck is a detractor anyway?”

A detractor is someone who actively runs down the company to others. The glass is always half-empty to a detractor. No matter what the company does, the net detractor will have something negative to say about it. This is as opposed to a promoter of the company, who will almost always have positive things to say about the company.

The detractor not only has something negative to say, he or she is vocal about it. The worst detractors will go out of their way to tell coworkers, family, friends and even the general public about the latest transgression of the company.

Every company

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Blanche Lincoln Primary - Labor's Last Stand?

Excellent NYT story on Blanche Lincoln’s runoff election in the Democratic primary in Arkansas on Tuesday. She is in a tough battle against organized labor’s candidate Bill Halter. Some very interesting statistics and quotes:

Unions have knocked on 170,000 doors (3 times as many doors as there are union members in the state…) Unions made 700,000 phone calls (more than 10 times as many union members…) Unions sent 2.7 million pieces of mail (postage and printing costs for that much mail would easily exceed $1 million) Unions spent almost $6 million on television and radio advertising.

There are still a couple of days left, so those numbers should all increase dramatically. Where is all this money and “boots on the ground” coming from. Not Arkansas.

Consider my favorite quote: “We’re sending a message here,” said Larry Cohen, president of the Communications Workers of America. “Our members have had

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