Positive Employee Relations: How To Deal With The Arizona Immigration Law

Arizona recently adopted an immigration law that has caused turmoil across the country and is threatening the Arizona economy with a national boycott. No matter how business owners feel about the law or immigration in general, it is vitally important for Arizona businesses to quickly understand how to comply with the new law.
The Arizona law creates several new obligations for employers and penalizes companies who fail to properly verify the legal status of new employees. Here are 3 things Arizona employers must consider in the wake of this new law:
1. If you rely on day laborers you need to re-think your business model. One provision of the new law makes it a crime for an employer to pick up day laborers if it impedes traffic in any way. It is very common for construction and landscaping employers to pick up day laborers in the

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LRI Featured on DriveThruHR

Today Phillip Wilson, President of LRI, was interviewed on DriveThru HR the #1 daily (HR) Internet Radio show. Phil was interviewed on the topic of “Life after EFCA? What will unions do if EFCA goes off the table?” Click on the link to listen to the interview. Also check out Bryan’s blog at DriveThruHr.

Specter Gone; Lincoln Goes Into OT?

Arlen Specter went down in convincing fashion in the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania tonight. Blanche Lincoln is ahead by a narrow margin but looks like she’ll end up in a runoff. Not exactly a resounding endorsement of the Democratic incumbents. I won’t even begin to predict what this means for November, but unions lost an important EFCA supporter in Specter and failed to take out Lincoln in the initial primary. The olive branches will be out in Pennsylvania. More like forks and knives in Arkansas.

LRI Featured in SHRM Article

LRI’s President Phillip Wilson was quoted in an article on “Building Your Consulting Business Virtually” and featured in the Society of Human Resource Management’s website. The article focused on best practices used by consultants who work with virtual teams. Phil discussed LRI’s outstanding team of consultants from around the United States and Canada.

Positive Employee Relations: Managing Workplace Conflict

Workplace harassment is a growing problem. Human resource professionals are often on the front-line of these conflicts and need strong skills to resolve and prevent harassment at work.

Harassment doesn’t always involve sex or race. During many of our union organizing campaign engagements we deal with coworker harassment (i.e. union supporters pressuring and sometimes threatening employees who don’t want a union). These situations can often lead to physical confrontations and vandalism.

No matter what the source of workplace harassment, there are some fundamental steps that can help managers predict and stop the behavior before it spirals out of control. Here are 3 tips I have for managing conflicts in the workplace:

1. Make sure first level leaders are trained to notice behavior changes at work. There are early warning signs of workplace conflict if you are paying attention. Performance may dip. Friends may stop talking. A good supervisor will notice

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EMS Victory at NLRB against the SEIU

Here is an update about EMS defending itself from Unfair Labor Practices from the SEIU. You may recall that last summer, EMS was successful in defending itself against accusations of unfair labor practices by the SEIU in a hearing before an administrative law judge appointed by the National Labor Relations Board. The SEIU and General Counsel appealed this decision to the Board last June. Last week EMS learned it was successful in defending against the appeal.

In ruling in favor of EMS the Board found that not only did EMS not engage in unlawful labor practices, but that the SEIU had engaged in unlawful recognitional picketing. The board states: “We agree with the judge that the Respondent did not violate Section 8(a)(3) and (1) of the Act by refusing to reinstate certain strikers upon their unconditional offer to return to work. In reaching this conclusion, we adopt the judge’s findings

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Supreme Court New Process Steel Case Materials

The Supreme Court recently heard arguments in the New Process Steel Case. This decision will decide if over 600 cases decided by only 2 Board Members will stand or if they must be re-heard by the new NLRB. A terrific resource for more information about this case, including the oral arguments, prior decisions and briefs in the case are available at the IWS website.

EFCA Back From The Dead?

Just when everyone was about to the ten count on EFCA, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka has breathed some new life into the legislation. Trumka predicts the Labor Bill will pass if it is attached to another crucial piece of legislation that Congress has no choice but to pass.

INK: May 13, 2010

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Labor Relations Insight from Phil Wilson

Positive Employee Relations: Is Authentic Leadership Universal?

All positive employee relations environments require strong, authentic leaders. But is authentic leadership universal? Does it apply across different industries or even different cultures?

Let’s say you’re a functional corporate director with a six-figure income and responsibility for a few million dollars of company business.

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Only in a Union

Here’s the scenario: union includes a requirement in its collective-bargaining agreement that employees must report safety hazards. So, Joe union member follows the contract, and reports such a safety violation to his employer. What happens next? The union fines Joe member $2500!

The NLRB charged the IUOE Local with a violation of the Nation Labor Relations Act.

In Tacoma, WA, parents attempting to help out their local school were told not to proceed with some volunteer landscaping work. The reason, of course, is that the union complained that the contribution from parents would take away union work! First it was Boy Scout projects, now it is proud parents. Better be careful if you decide to pick up a piece of trash in a public park – you’re liable to find yourself fighting a

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