Democrats Kick Dust At Big Labor

Labor Unions are not happy that the Democrats decided to play their 2010 convention on a non-union playground. North Carolina has the lowest percentage of unionized companies in the entire nation at 3.2%, and is a Right To Work state to boot. The state even has a law on the books prohibiting collective bargaining by government workers. Concerning the selection of Charlotte, International Association of Machinists communications director Rick Sloan stated: “Going to a right-to-work state and starting a convention on Labor Day for the Democrats?”… Wow. That’s quite the equation.”

“Facebook Firing” Case Settled

The NLRB announced last night that they had settled the case against American Medical Response related to the termination of an employee for complaints made against a supervisor on that employee’s Facebook page. The terms of the settlement were not clear in the Board’s release, but it appears the company agreed to rewrite its policies related to social media. This undoubtedly won’t be the last case on the subject, but I think the employer community can be thankful that the Board won’t get an opportunity to weigh in on Facebook pages right away.

CEI Announces The Launch Of

The Competitive Enterprise Institute is proud to announce the launch of, a new labor policy resource and news aggregation website. WorkplaceChoice is a comprehensive, up-to-date website for all news on labor regulations, private and Government sector unions, pensions, and pro-worker legislation. Click here to check it out.

INK: February 04, 2011

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Union Bailout Update

First the latest moves from the pro-union contingent of the nation’s lawmakers. New York handed union organizers in their state a new billy club with a new “Wage Theft Prevention Act,” which imposes stringent notice requirements and enhances penalties for violations of the wage-hour laws.

At the federal level, the NLRB just got extremely creative by deciding that an employer violated Section 8(a)(1) of the Act for terminating an employee before she engaged in protected “concerted activity.” The usual NLRB dissenter, Brian

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This Is Democracy?

Big Labor’s true colors always seem to come out when their organizations go through internal campaigns and elections. In this case, James Hoffa and the Teamsters are under the microscope for their unscrupulous actions leading up to this fall’s elections. It appears Jimmy and friends have been using pension fund money, funded by union dues, to bribe those who have attempted to break away from the Hoffa slate, and either run in opposition or support those who do.

Interestingly, court-appointed IBT Election Supervisor Richard Mark found that the complaints of bribery were credible, but the bribery attempts were dismissed because rules governing the election do not prohibit offering or proposing to use union funds. Mark’s report noted, “The conduct revealed in this investigation” the report noted drily, “reflects a culture, or mind-set where elected union officials do not clearly

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Insider View of Union Salting

If you want to get a union’s perspective on the tactics and strategy behind salting employers, head over to this site managed by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 363 and study up!

If you are wondering what “salting” means, let’s read it right from the site:

“ ’Salting’ is the deliberate act of getting a job at a specific workplace with the intent to organize a union. Most union campaigns start with a lone individual or small group of individuals with no union experience deciding to organize a union from scratch. Sometimes, a union campaign can be strengthened if you know of a friend with union organizing experience. By applying for open positions at your workplace, your friend can secretly help you organize your workplace. There are other circumstances where salting is

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Mafia Sting Nabs Union Leaders

When federal officials closed the net on 127 mob members in what FBI officials are calling the largest roundup of La Cosa Nostra figures, the International Longshoreman Association (ILA) was heavily represented. Among the indicted were Albert Cernadas, former president ILA Local 1235 and former ILA VP; Nunzio LaGrasso, who is VP of ILA Local 1478 and ILA Representative; Thomas Leonardis, the president of ILA Local 1235; Robert Ruiz, the delegate of ILA Local 1235 and an ILA representative, and Vincent Aulisi, former president of ILA Local 1235; and ILA members Patrick Cicalese, Robert Moreno, and Manuel Salgado.

Included among the mob families hit by the raid were the New Jersey Decavalcante family, all five New York crime families — the Colombo, Gambino, Genovese, Bonanno and Luchese families — and the New England Patriarca family.

New Jersey U.S. Attorney Paul

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Big Labor Says,

For going on 30 years, LRI has been coaching our clients that the key to an effective counter-organizing strategy is to focus on the facts, and take the emotion out of the campaign. The reasons are obvious – union organizing tactics rely almost exclusively on ignoring reality, and agitating employees over perceived “injustices,” to incite them to vote from a purely emotional response.

Big Labor knows that their cause shrivels under the scrutiny of facts, and admonishes labor activists to use the smoky haze of emotion to cloud the facts of their issues.

Starting in Indiana, in the fight over a recently proposed Right To Work law, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce released a study indicating that such a law would increase average per capita income

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Social Media Spotlight

The New Organizing Institute Education Fund is putting on a 2-day conference in Washington, D.C., “Analytics And Optimization Training.” To qualify for the event, you need a year under your belt in on-line organizing, and the focus is heavy on metrics and measurement. The description for the event says,

21st-century organizing isn’t just about people, it’s about data. Gathering good data and knowing how to use it helps you evaluate your work, identify new opportunities, and organize better. NOIEF is bringing together experts from MoveOn, Analyst Institute and other major organizations to lead an in-depth, two-day training covering statistics, experimental design, optimization, data analysis, and everything else you’ll need to make sure you’re running the best campaigns you can.

The NOI web site has a host of free organizing training tools and lessons, including video,

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Shoes Don

Harper’s magazine owner John MacArthur, a typical liberal defender of unions, doesn’t seem to see things quite the same when his own employees decide to seek union representation. MacArthur charged that the editors and assistant editors of his staff didn’t qualify to organize, since they were “management.”

When the shoe’s on the other foot, perhaps it’s not so comfortable after all.