Teacher’s Union Wages War Against Marine

A retired United States Marine who now teaches a Massachusetts public school ROTC program is under fire from the Teacher’s Union for not giving in to their demands of paying unnecessary “agency fees”. The Union demands Maj. Stephen Godin pay $500 immediately or face termination on June 15th. The former Marine already receives insurance and benefits from the military, and does not have a need for the Union. “It’s really nothing,” Godin said of the amount. “It’s the principal of the matter. I think they’re trying to extort money from me. They do nothing for me.” Godin has filed for arbitration five times, without hearing a word from the Teacher’s Union.

INK: June 10, 2010

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Labor Relations Insight from Phil Wilson

Have Unions Lost Their Political Mojo?

Mini Super Tuesday is now in the books, and unions have got to be feeling a little hung over after the $10 million dollar bender they just finished in Arkansas. So far the strategy to rescue their friends (aka Arlen Specter) and punish their foes (aka Blanche Lincoln) has notched a big goose egg on the scoreboard for 2010.

The Specter debacle wasn’t really that bad. To be honest, unions (and POTUS Obama) only half-heartedly came to Specter’s aid in that primary.

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Union Tries Flash

You’ve probably seen YouTube videos of a “Flash Mob” – a group of people who at first seem to be just part of the crowd at a train station (or other public space), who suddenly gel as if by magic into a well-choreographed song and dance routine, purely for the thrill and entertainment value. Check out this union’s attempt:

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How Obnoxious Can You Get?

The giant rat has seemingly worn out its welcome in New York City. According to an organizer from the Carpenters local, the rat became a turn-off with the general public, not garnering the attention the union had hoped.

What to do instead? The union has launched a new strategy: blowing whistles for 2 solid hours while walking the picket line.

City dwellers are not charmed, but when an attempt was made to call in the disturbance, the caller was told not to hold their breath – the racket would probably subside before they could arrive, and besides, there was an 8-hour window on a noise complaint.

Most would probably welcome back the inflatable rat – at least he was easier to ignore!

If you want to hear what all that noise sounds like, watch a

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Carpenters Union Sued

“Bigelow Aerospace has had to explain to customers and government officials that despite the union’s banner and leaflets, it does not have an ongoing labor dispute with any union. These instances resulted in undue embarrassment to Bigelow Aerospace and jeopardized multi-million dollar procurement contracts,” the lawsuit reads in part.

Carpenters Union Local 1977 has been engaged in a “false smear campaign” against the space contractor, ostensibly due to a long-running dispute between the union and contractor Pete King Construction. Bigelow Aerospace asserts that it does not conduct any business with Pete King, although a company owned by the same magnate, Bigelow Development, apparently does.

The suit further charges that, “Defendants continue publishing falsehoods against Bigelow Aerospace in a misguided attempt to injure the business reputation of Bigelow Aerospace, intimidate its employees and interfere with its business relationships.”

Show Me The Money!

Even though their pension funds are in horrible financial shape, and unions like the SEIU are deeply in debt, union money will still flow like a river during the 2010 campaign season. AFSCME (government employees) will spend about $50 million this year, while SEIU promises $44 million to bolster its favorite candidates. The AFL-CIO has yet to commit to a figure, but it is sure to be fat.

Keep in mind these are only the “official” numbers and hard dollars. Far more millions will no doubt be channeled via PACs, shell games, and “boots on the ground” manpower contributions.

Job Security Trumps Children

We’ve mentioned before the argument being made by unions in California that non-medical school personnel should be restricted from administering life-saving injections to epileptic children. Big Labor is ratcheting up the fight by attempting to thwart a bill that would allow this life-saving measure for the state’s 63,000 epileptic students.

The unions are against the measure, despite the fact that there are no medical risks whatsoever for non-nurses to be trained to deliver the injections. According to medical experts, even if the drug in question is administered unnecessarily, there are no ill effects.

However, jobs are at stake. And while California is bleeding red ink, the unions are not interested in the health of children, or the prospects for taxpayers, but only the welfare of the few school nurses who would keep their jobs if

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National Nurses United on a Roll

Over the last few weeks, the new nurses super union has added more than 1900 Texas nurses to their ranks. Hospitals in El Paso, Brownsville, Corpus Christi and McAllen have joined the ranks of the only prior Texas hospital to succumb to unionization, Cypress Fairbanks in Houston.

Some have described the run as a “historic sweep that could alter the nation’s labor and political landscape.” Texas is predominantly a non-union state, but contains the 3rd highest concentration of nurses in the country behind California and New York.

SEIU recently won the representation of some of the non-nurse employees in one of the El Paso hospitals above. If these trends continue, coupled with the implementation of the healthcare bill, unions may rise like a phoenix out of the ashes. Hammering that point home, the NNU is attempting to

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IAM Organizing Drive Goes

Machinists organizers working at two Toyota plants in Canada have taken their organizing campaign to the internet. On their website, you can download a brochure about the IAM, an authorization card, and other documents. There is an FAQ section, bios and introductions to each of the IAM organizers, and other information. The campaign also says it is using social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

12 Union Myths Exposed

In our ninth installment of The Cato Journal’s January 2010 “Are unions good for America?” issue, we cover the ninth myth.

Here is The Homeland Stupidity web site’s synopsis of this myth, and a link to each of the 12 Cato articles.

Myth Number Nine: Right-to-work laws harm employees and prevent employers from freely contracting with unions.

Fact: Right-to-work laws improve the economy, and employers freely contracting with unions is prohibited by the Wagner Act. That Act forces employers to bargain with unions “in good faith,” which is interpreted to mean that employers must capitulate to virtually every demand of the unions or be accused of acting in bad faith. This is hardly freedom of contract. Right-to-work laws mitigate, but do not entirely fix, this problem.

I have some experience with this, since I once worked in a non-right-to-work state and was forced to join the union. I

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