Unions Flush With Six-Figure Salaries

According to research compiled by Vincent Vernuccio of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Big Labor leaders are living high on the hog. Among his findings from perusing the reports filed at www.unionreports.gov:

• The National Education Association had 414 salaries over $100,000 in 2009 • The United Auto Workers had 538 salaries over $100,000 • The Laborers had 16 employees raking in over $250,000

Big Labor also likes nice buildings. The NEA’s Washington digs are valued at over $110 million, while the AFL-CIO abode is worth more than $90 million.

If only union members knew where their money went.

Public Unions Put On Notice

The chickens are coming home to roost in the government-monopoly union sector. As the disparity of public sector vs. private sector wages has come to light, amidst the struggle for governments at federal, state and local levels to balance their budgets, government leaders are coming down hard on unions, and public sector employees.

• Obama announced that the nations 2.7 million civilian public employees will face a wage freeze (Congressional approval required) • Washington Governor Chris Gregoire cancelled several union contracts and sent state employees back to the bargaining table. Gregoire is contending with a forecast budget shortfall of over $6 billion. • Northumberland County commissioners in Pennsylvania, facing an arbitration award in the county’s magistrates office, told the Teamsters, “I’ll see you in court.” While the county’s non-union employees are paying $108 per month for their share of health benefits costs, union employees were

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Machinists Lose Big

Delta baggage handlers voted down the IAM attempt to organize them, denying the Machinists 13,000 new members. Even though the rules had recently been changed to make it easier for unions to win, the vote still tallied in favor of keeping the union out. This was the second Delta group to defeat an organizing drive since the rule change.

This Machinist loss was followed by another from the TechOps Stores workers, denying another 700 members to the union. In all, since the Delta – Northwest merger, eight work groups representing over 41,000 workers have said “No” to union representation.

It brings a smile to one’s face to imagine the hangover Big Labor must be suffering. Go Delta!

Teamsters Muscle Toys R Us

Just in time for the Christmas rush, the Teamsters union paired up with an environmental group and released a report accusing Toys R Us of allegedly selling “toxic toys.”

The typical corporate campaign tactic includes social media attacks, such as a YouTube video and a website calling on Congress to take action. (We addressed growing use of social media tactics in the last issue of INK). The report itself contained no conclusive proof of the accusations, only fodder for press releases.

Responding to the accusations, Toys R Us stated that the toys mentioned in the report meet all federal safety requirements and are carried broadly by retailers across the country. The Toy Industry Association stood behind the retailer, calling the attack on Toys R Us part of a “toy hunting” season now in full swing.

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Jobs Unions Have Chased Out Of The U.S.

In an October speech given to the Detroit chapter of the Labor and Employee Relations Association (LERA), Teamsters President James Hoffa ticked off a list of unionized jobs that had fled the country to escape the encumbrance of Teamster and UAW contracts. Among the list:

• Mr. Coffee – 300 jobs (Teamsters) • Square D – 300 jobs (Teamsters) • Oral-B (Teamsters) • Swingline Staplers – 2000 jobs (Teamsters) • Whirlpool – 1300 jobs (UAW) • Electrolux (UAW) • Carrier Air Conditioners (not specified)

Hoffa decried the loss of a “social contract” in America, which he equated with restrictive trade policies that ignore the realities of a globalized economy. The problem with corporate America – says he – is the desire for profitability.

Unite Here Holds Atlantic City Hostage

In a town desperate for any hopeful economic activity, the one bright spot on the horizon is being threatened by self-serving union thugs. The Revel hotel and casino is not even finished yet, but Unite Here is fighting tooth and nail to prevent state and city financial incentives, bringing development to a halt.

“I’m trying to understand how a union official would explain to its members how it blocked money that would allow a project to get completed that would provide 6,000 jobs,” said Revel’s Mr. Jaffoni.

Unite Here does not have a labor agreement with the hotel/casino that would make it easier to organize the workers, which is typical of other casinos in the Atlantic City area, a union stronghold. The union is pulling out the stops in typical corporate campaign fashion, including a web site Continue reading Unite Here Holds Atlantic City Hostage

EFCA Update

Big Labor can still count the current administration in Washington their friend. Harry Reid’s first move to pay back the unions for their efforts to save his Nevada Senate seat is a promised cloture vote on the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act, a bill which basically nationalizes the country’s police, fire and other first responder personnel. The law would replace with federal rules all state laws on collective bargaining between state and local governments and their first responder unions and would greatly empower unions to dictate pay scales and benefits on a national level.

Working in tandem with this move, the Federal Labor Relations Authority ruled that TSA agents would be allowed to select representation by a union, although they would be currently restricted from allowing the union to engage in collective bargaining on their behalf. Although it

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YouTube Video: UFCW Using Social Media!

Check out this YouTube video covering: YouTube Video: UFCW Using Social Media!

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Senator's Advice: Don't Let The UAW In

United States Senator Bob Corker counseled Volkswagon officials against allowing their Chattanooga assembly plant to be unionized by the United Auto Workers (UAW). In Corker’s view, an organized plant would be “highly detrimental” to the auto manufacturer. The Senator’s comments are seasoned by his experience with the 2008 Federal Government bailout of General Motors and Chrysler. UAW President Bob King responded that Corker’s “comments are a reference to the past, not how the UAW operates now.”

Solis Wants State-Sponsored

Labor Secretary Solis

During the November 19th annual meeting of the International Labor Communications Association, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis’s senior advisor Carl Fillichio hinted towards a new news agency geared towards reporting Pro-Labor issues. According to Fillichio it is too difficult to get “union” stories reported on by the media. In responce, his office hired a person specifically designated to solely to deal with labor media propaganda efforts. It is hard to imagine the amount of bias required of the Solis DOL, if they can’t get the ever liberal-leaning media to deliver their message “properly.” Does “Pravda” ring a bell?