Should Sales Pros Form a Labor Union?

In an interesting if confused piece in bnet, Geoffrey James, the self proclaimed “Sales Machine”, calls upon all red-blooded sales professionals to do the right thing for God and country and, um … form a union. No, really.

James believes a Sales Pro Union would “make sure their people get paid fairly, get insurance, and can’t arbitrary [be] fired.” A union would also “bring some well-needed democracy to the workplace.” James also believes “a union could impose standards of ethics and competence which are entirely missing in the sales world.”

So much to learn, so little time.

Behold! Your Public Sector Unions at Work!

Please take a moment to enjoy this instructive (and highly entertaining) video by Andrew Klavan.

Behold! Your Public Sector Unions at Work!

INK: March 11, 2011

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In this issue:

• Union Bailout Update • Wisconsin Battle Resuscitates Big Labor • Follow The Money (The REAL Money) • Knife Cuts Both Ways • Labor Relations Insight, Sticky Fingers and more…

Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson

What Wisconsin Means to Private Sector Employers

I’ve been on the road speaking a lot lately. The first question I get asked after a speech now is, “what do you think about what’s happening in Wisconsin?”

As it turns out I am writing this month’s Insight while flying home from Milwaukee. Earlier in the day the Wisconsin Senate voted to strictly limit collective bargaining rights for public employees. Thus I am perfectly positioned to give you a report based on conditions

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Truth Revealed

In a letter to the editor at the Las Vegas Sun, union supporter Dave Newton stated what many know intuitively to be true about Big Labor leadership, and the impact of unions on the American workplace. He first admits that Big Labor is stuck in a 1950s paradigm. He laments that unions’ activities are more about “protecting incompetent employees, compensation policies that offer no reward for excellence, fighting productivity increases from restructuring jobs, and resisting innovation” than helping its members. He continues,

“Instead of finding ways to be more attractive to members and less unattractive to employers, their strategy has been to find new ways to coerce people to join (i.e., corporate campaigns and the Employee Free Choice Act) and to spend millions on political campaigns that could have been spent in

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Teamsters Bad for Business

Grocer A&P filed a lawsuit against the Teamsters seeking a million dollars in damages for harassing and threatening customers and suppliers at 20 of its locations in New Jersey, New York and Maryland.

The picketing erupted when Bankruptcy Court cancelled a grocery-hauling contract of Teamster Local 833 and awarded it to a competitor, which had won the court-approved bidding process.

Rosselli Turns Tables On SEIU

The former head of SEIU-Healthcare Workers West has filed a lawsuit against Andy Stern, Mary Kay Henry, and three other current or former SEIU officials. After the SEIU trusteed the huge California localand ousted Sal Rosselli, Rosselli founded the National Union of Healthcare Workers and began to compete for union members with SEIU in that state. SEIU responded by filing a $25 million lawsuit against Rosselli and 15 former SEIU members, resulting on a $1.57 million judgment against Rosselli and company.

Angela Alioto, attorney for the plaintiffs, said SEIU employees “crossed the line” by intimidating, battering and threatening the plaintiffs. The lawsuit accuses the SEIU of using physical intimidation, threats, racial and ethnic epithets and other tactics against its “enemies.”

Steve Trossman, spokesman for SEIU-UHW said, “We in no way whatsoever condone any

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Knife Cuts Both Ways

One union blogger in New York, a member of UFCW Local 1500, recently asked fellow union members to boycott non-union stores in solidarity with the unionists in Wisconsin, and posted a list of unionized stores to patronize, and non-union stores to avoid. In support of fair play, here is the list, should you want to use a bit of “reverse psychology” and avoid unionized stores, in support of the brave midwest politicians attempting to bring sanity back into public-sector union relationships.

Favorite Top 10 Lists

Two Top 10 lists related to unions were recently released online. Starting with a list from Human Events of Top 10 Labor Union Outrages:

1. Wisconsin on fire: When the Wisconsin legislature prepared to vote on requiring unionized government workers to increase paltry contributions to their health care plans and pensions, teachers abandoned their classrooms to protest and Democrats in the state senate fled to Illinois to avoid a vote.

2. UAW greed: While the government bailout money [used to shore up ailing US auto manufacturers] has yet to be paid back, union auto workers are getting record bonuses this year.

3. Campaign dollars: While President Obama carped during the midterm elections about all the corporate and foreign cash being spent on behalf of Republicans, he seemed to overlook the hundreds of millions of dollars spent by labor

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Follow The Money (The REAL Money!)

The conflagration in Wisconsin isn’t about workers rights. It is about money. But it is not about the payroll and benefits of union members, it is about the lavish salaries of union leadership, and their ability to continue to fund the political activities that allows them to precariously hang on to their source of income – dues from members, be they public- or private-sector employees.

The Center for Public Integrity evaluated the assets, compensation and political spending of the 10 largest unions. The reports show that assets of the various labor unions run into the hundreds of millions of dollars, and payrolls rival midsize companies. Dozens of top officials have salary-and-benefit packages that rank them among the top percentage of income-earners in the country. Additional benefits for these top officials can include tens of thousands of dollars for meal allowances, mileage allowances and entertainment. And the financial documents

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Workers Want No Scorched Earth Campaigns

In December 2010, 1200 unionized auto workers lost their jobs when a Huntsville plant owned by the tire and car part manufacturer Continental AG stopped production. According to the company, the plant’s closing was due to rising costs, saying that it was “unsuccessful in reducing these costs through labor negotiations” with the UAW. More than 10,000 hard working Alabamians are employed by such international automakers as Honda, Toyota and Hyundai, and despite the UAW saber-rattling, one must suspect they are wary of the union that has left Michigan much like Sherman left the South on his march to Atlanta.

Up in Wisconsin, employees of Kohler, the largest employer in Sheboygan county, defied UAW leaders and ratified a five-year contract that includes a five-year wage freeze, higher health care premiums, the creation of a two-tiered

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