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Mary Kay Henry

SEIU officially has a new head, Mary Kay Henry. One of Big Labor’s own media voices perhaps painted the picture least tainted by PR “bloat.”

For her part, Mary Kay Henry has been rapidly accumulating plaudits that are similarly disconnected from reality, although widely disseminated by media outlets ranging from Politico to The New York Times to our very own In These Times. For example, it was actually suggested earlier this week, in the Times, that Henry is “someone fresh and new,” when in fact she is a quintessential product of the SEIU managerial class recruited and installed by Stern or his predecessor, John Sweeney, over the last 30 years.

As to her qualifications to represent “working people?” Again, quoting from Working In These Times:

Unlike Stern and Burger—but like a majority of

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Big Win for Big Labor

The National Mediation Board, which oversees union elections in the rail and airline industries, just made it vastly easier for unions to organize those businesses. Rules were changed, so that instead of a majority of all voters needed to vote a union in, all that is now required is a majority of those who vote.

12 Union Myths Exposed

In our seventh installment of The Cato Journal’s January 2010 “Are unions good for America?” issue, we cover the seventh myth.

Here is The Homeland Stupidity web site’s synopsis of this myth, and a link to each of the 12 Cato articles.

Myth Number Seven: Teachers’ unions work to increase the quality of children’s education.

Fact: Teachers’ unions work to increase their membership rolls and their political power, at the expense of your children’s education. While collective bargaining has done little to increase the salaries of union public school teachers over nonunion public school teachers, these unions perform a different service for their members: preventing them from having to educate children. Andrew J. Coulson, director of the Center for Educational Freedom at the Cato Institute, explains that teachers’ unions strongly oppose government reforms which would improve the quality of K-12 education, such as charter schools, vouchers, and property

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EFCA Update

In the latest policy paper from the American Enterprise Institute, the calculators have been pulled out, and the potential damage to the US economy created by the implementation of the Employee Free Choice Act has been tallied. To quote the paper:

If the EFCA returns unionization rates to 1970s levels, it could reduce economy- wide employment and gross domestic product by close to 4 percent. This translates to about 4.5 million jobs lost and over $500 billion in lost output and income. Job loss resulting from EFCA will tend to fall disproportionately on workers with relatively low levels of education and skills. Ironically, these are the very workers the proposed legislation is intended to help.

Even though the original bill will most likely not see the light of day as

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Positive Employee Relations: Is Authentic Leadership Universal?

All positive employee relations environments require strong, authentic leaders. But is authentic leadership universal? Does it apply across different industries or even different cultures?

Let’s say you’re a functional corporate director with a six-figure income and responsibility for a few million dollars of company business. Part of the people you oversee are hourly employees with high-school education working in one of the business units you oversee. How do you — who they might consider a “stuffed shirt” from corporate — effectively communicate with and coach them?

We run into this situation all the time with our clients. I believe that being “authentic” is the master key to relating, communicating and coaching in the workplace, no matter the environment. Here are 3 tips I give on authentic leadership:

1. It starts with a mirror. While nobody I know

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SEIU President Henry Faces First Test

Interesting article on the first real test of new SEIU President Mary Kay Henry. She definitely has a lot of fence-mending to do in the wake of her predecessor.

YouTube Video: I Wanna Be A Union Boss Game!

Check out this YouTube video covering: I Wanna Be A Union Boss Game!

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Airlines and Railroads Brace for Voting Rule Change

The National Mediation Board (NMB) in a 3 to 1 decision has made the final approval of a proposal that will make it easier for unions to organize Airlines and Railroads.  The new rule allows for a simple majority vote in representation elections.  Under the current 70 year old rule it takes fifty percent plus one of the entire workforce to vote a union in.  The current rule which falls under the Railway Labor Act (RLA) was designed to protect America’s commerce while ensuring workers rights.  There is likely to be court challenges, otherwise the new rule will go into effect 30 days after being entered into the Federal Register.

LRI Quoted in On Succession Planning

LRI was quoted in The Glass Hammer – an online community designed for women executives in financial services, law and business – on the subject of succession planning. Read the full article here.

YouTube Video: Union Threatens 16 Year Old Girl

Check out this YouTube video covering: Union Threatens 16 Year Old Girl.

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