The Case for Reform of the Railway Labor Act

Cutting edge insights into the RLA as it effects transportation workers in today’s economy, co-written by LRI vice-president Russ Brown. Read the full transcript here.

With Congress having rejected changing the law to favor unionization, the Obama administration is now pursuing unionization through regulation, which will benefit no one other than the administration’s union allies. Circumventing the people’s elected representatives is unacceptable. Congress needs to hold National Mediation Board accountable for any attempt to do so. In addition, Congress should reform the Railway Labor Act to make the election process more responsive to workers.

The choice of whether to join a union or not should belong to the workers, not union organizers or government bureaucrats.


Michigan Ends Union Dues Grab (but allows another)

In a surprise move, the Michigan Department of Social Services announced Tuesday it would no longer be withholding “union dues” from the checks of 16,500 home child care providers. In 2006, these providers were forced into “Child Care Providers Together Michigan”, a joint venture between the UAW and AFSCME. Since that time, the CCPTM has done next to nothing for their new “members” except to collect over $3.7 million in dues from them.

A lawsuit filed on behalf of three providers by Mackinac Center for Public Policy has drawn intense scrutiny to the scam over the past year. Last fall the Department of Social Services admitted the providers were in fact not state employees, (they are hired and fired by the parents of the children they care for) thus validating the Center’s contention that the state had made the unprecedented move of requiring union membership from

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The Tyranny of Noodles

This entertaining video lends insight into the average middle class working Americans who took over the state house in Madison, Wisconsin.

As it turns out, anyone who works for someone else is living in tyranny and oppression! Who knew!

Wisconsin Labor Protests and International Socialism

INK: February 25, 2011

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Union Bailout Update New, Useful Websites Say Goodbye To More NJ Teamsters Scoreboard, Social Media Spotlight, Only In A Union and more…

Union Bailout Update

The fur is beginning to fly as new administrations, both in D.C. and in many of the states, begin to tie union issues to budget problems, and work to unravel the choke hold that Big Labor has had on legislative and regulatory processes the last few years. The NLRB backed down when 4 state Attorneys General rebuffed the NLRB General Counsel’s threat to sue. In a letter back to the Attorneys General, the acting GC said, “As you have unanimously

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How Unions Treat Their Own

The NLRB has ruled that the Air Line Pilots Association violated the National Labor Relations Act with respect to Unit 1, the union that represents the professional employees who work for the pilot’s union. Don McClure, Unit 1 president, exclaimed, “This ruling confirms what Unit 1 has been saying for the last two years, that ALPA acted unlawfully and has repeatedly ignored the law and the rights of its own employees.”

In May 2009, management at ALPA unilaterally imposed changed pay, fringe benefits and work rules on the Unit 1 staff after contract negotiations failed to produce an agreement.

Unit 1 filed ULPs against ALPA, and estimates that it will cost ALPA well in excess of $2 million to rescind the unilaterally imposed contract terms.

Said McClure, “For the world’s largest pilots’ union to flaunt the law in such

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Davis-Bacon Act and PLAs

Forcing the government to pay wages calculated on the basis of the Davis-Bacon Act formula for construction projects cost Americans about $10.9 billion in unnecessary spending in 2010 alone.

The Heritage Foundation did the math, reviewed the policies, and provides some insight into this federal law run amuck:

Under the DBA, contractors on all federally funded construction projects must pay their workers at least prevailing market wages. However, the Department of Labor (DOL) estimates DBA rates using a highly flawed methodology. The Inspector General has criticized the DOL for: • Using a self-selected sample instead of a scientific random sample to estimate DBA rates; • Allowing 100 percent error rates in audited samples of returned DBA surveys; and • Permitting long delays in updating DBA surveys. • These errors cause DBA rates to bear little relation to actual prevailing wages. Table 1 displays DBA rates and market wages

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Big Labor

If there has ever been a question about the political leanings of Big Labor, this short article should clear matters up. Written on the AFL-CIO blog, Joe Uehlein, the executive director of Labor Network for Sustainability, appeals to environmentalists and sustainability advocates to support Big Labor in its “time of need,” referring specifically to the actions that many state governments are considering in relation to unions (right-to-work laws, the suspension of collective bargaining for public-sector unions, etc.).

Among his “reasons” Big Labor deserves support are:

• Organized labor is the most powerful force for fighting conservative ideology. • The alliance of labor, environmental and sustainability movements has been crucial in supporting and passing environmental legislation. • The right-wing strategy is to divide progressive groups. • Unions are far more likely to support sustainability policies if in their hour of

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Say Goodbye To More NJ Teamsters

Teamsters Local 863 is home to about 1300 workers employed at a C&S Wholesale Grocers warehouse in Woodbridge, N.J. C&S has determined that it will be more cost-effective to close the warehouse and move its operations out of New Jersey. The result of this prudent business decision: Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac, along with state and local labor leaders, set up a blue ribbon panel, and commissioned the Center for Labor & Community Research to create an economic impact study. The report bears the accusatory title, “Economic Treason: Case Study of the C&S Wholesale Grocers and the Destruction of New Jersey Jobs.”

It is quite certain the report did not delve into the economic impact that the Teamsters union had on C&S’s decision to move out.

Organizing By Extortion

SEIU – United Healthcare Workers West approached Prime Healthcare Services a little over a year ago demanding a “quick” deal for SEIU members at PHS’ Centinela Hospital Medical Center in California, so that SEIU could avoid a challenge from the upstart NUHW. SEIU threatened to release reports that supposedly showed that patients were acquiring serious blood infections at PHS’ hospitals even though SEIU knew that the data identified conditions present on admission.

SEIU then stepped up the pressure by having an investment fund created by SEIU and other unions, make false and misleading statements to Medical Properties Trust (MPT), a publicly traded real estate investment trust which serves as PHS’ landlord and/or lender at several of its hospitals.

SEIU then deployed a state senator, Denise Ducheney, a long-time friend of SEIU, to repeat the false claim that PHS’ hospitals

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Only In A Union

What do you do if you are the majority owner in a company, and your company posts a fourth quarter loss of $652 million? If you are the UAW, you pay all of your employees a bonus! How do you make the books balance? Why of course, apply for $3 billion in (tax-payer) subsidized loans from the Department of Energy!