Former SEIU President Stern Is Under FBI Investigation

Former SEIU President Andy Stern has not been in the limelight too much since his departure of the SEIU in April, but he is all over the news now. The FBI is investigating Stern for his involvement in a 2006 book deal where he received $175,000 advance to write the book. The Union paid thousands of dollars to fact-check and promote the book, but Stern kept all of the advance for himself. Also, Stern could be in hot water for allegedly being aware of his union paying a California union leader a salary without doing any work. Maybe this is why Stern wanted to leave the SEIU “to focus more on his personal life.”

Parent Teacher Conference... Without the Teachers?

Parents of students in the Neshaminy School District are fed up with the teachers union due to its latest stunt. The school district was holding its annual “Back-to-School Night” at all three of their schools as a way for teachers and parents to get to know one another, but there was one problem….no teachers! The Teachers union and the school district are at odds with a new contract that could lead to a strike as soon as the end of the month. So the teachers union decided that the teachers should boycott Back-to-School night. One student’s mother said it best: “I came to Back to School night to meet my daughter’s teachers. It’s a shame you could not extend to me the same respect. Parental involvement requires teacher involvement.” Also the School Board President Ritchie Webb stated: “They’re

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SEIU New Bank Organizing Trick

The SEIU is stepping up the pressure on organizing the banking industry. The SEIU is using the recently passed financial reform bill as a pretext for organizing bank workers. Union leaders and members are making up fliers to hand out to all bank workers that informs them of their whistleblower rights. SEIU Financial Director Stephen Lerner is encouraging two things “One: do your normal banking. And then two, inform bank workers of their rights under the new whistleblower laws.” I guess the SEIU missed the irony of handing out what will look like a stick-up note to busy bank tellers. But I guess you stick with what you know – that whole “your money or your life” is basically how they collect union dues once you become a member…

YouTube Video: The Conversation: Pot Growers Join Union

Check out this interesting interview with Lou Marchetti of Teamsters Local 70 about his newest union members, pot growers in Oakland. The video is on YouTube but you have to click the link to view it. You can find it here: The Conversation: Pot Growers Join Union.

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YouTube Video: Andy Stern Under Investigation By F.B.I.

Check out this YouTube video covering: Andy Stern Under Investigation By F.B.I.

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November Election Poll Map

Ah, it’s that time of year again. Temperatures are dropping and sweaters (along with a few skeletons) are getting pulled out of closets. There are just a few more weeks until we vote in one of the most important elections our country has ever seen. Well, unless you count the last 3 Presidential elections. But you get the idea. A great resource for keeping up to date on the political prognostications is this Google Map of political polls in your area. Warning! You may lose some productive time playing with these maps!

Detroit United Auto Workers Busted on the Job Drinking Beer & Smoking Pot on Break

Check out this YouTube video covering: Detroit United Auto Workers Busted on the Job Drinking Beer & Smoking Pot on Break. These guys need to get hooked up with the new Teamsters members out in Oakland.

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INK: September 23, 2010

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In this issue:

EFCA Update Be Careful Who You Are In Bed With Child Care Scammers Given Pause SEIU Bank Action Scoreboard, ULP Charge of the Month and more…

EFCA Update

It doesn’t seem to matter which way political winds blow – Big Labor continues to find plenty of ways to spend its energy and its members’ dues. They are pouring money into campaigns around the country, and this “funding frenzy” will continue through the November elections. The AFL-CIO just sent 2.5 million pieces of campaign mail targeting Republicans in about 50 congressional and gubernatorial races. Big Labor will continue to demand an aggressive labor agenda.

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Time to Pay The Piper

Melissa King is in a bit of a bind. Her legal defense costs could mount to upwards of $5 million. She should probably have set aside some of her $500,000 annual “legitimate” salary in anticipation of the day she would be caught embezzling over $42 million from LIUNA Local 147.

While serving as the benefits administrator for the local, she transferred some of the local’s money into funds under her control to feed her insatiable appetite for the good life, including mortgage payments, jewelry, luxury cars, chartered jets, horses and equestrian lessons for her daughter.

Bring Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Illegal Immigrants

Reading between the lines, it appears the SEIU has a new strategy for membership. If they can’t steal UNITE HERE workers, or compete for nurses with National Nurses United, it seems they’ll set their sights on cultivating the growing population of illegal immigrants.

When asked about his goals as the newly-minted Secretary-Treasurer of the SEIU, Eliseo Medina listed as his third objective, “fixing the broken immigration system … so people can become full participants in society, so they can become citizens and once they’re citizens, informed voters.” He should have been honest enough to complete the sentence, “and SEIU members.”