SEIU Update

Wilhelm says no deal with SEIU

It appeared that “settlement” talks between SEIU and UNITE HERE were rolling toward a conclusion, with SEIU reportedly offering cash and real estate in an attempt to placate UNITE HERE for SEIU’s aggressive take over attempt under former head Andy Stern. The offer was SEIU’s attempt to earn its way back into the good graces of the labor movement.

However, John Wilhelm, head of UNITE HERE, promptly issued a statement on the heels of this report, “There is no agreement with SEIU, despite rumors to the contrary. While we continue to talk, and make some progress, difficult issues remain unresolved.”

Wilhelm appears willing to fight a protracted war, much to the chagrin of Mary Kay Henry, who

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Card Check Cannibals

I had to “steal” the title for this post directly from the author, as the analogy was just too good. Let me quote directly several passages of this lucidly written editorial by Tim Nerenz, Ph.D.:

Like many people, I oppose unions on principle. That principle is: never negotiate the dinner menu with cannibals.

American workers overwhelmingly reject unionism. According to a 2010 study by university researchers Barry Hirsch and David Macpherson, only 7.2% of private sector workers belonged to unions in 2009. 93% prefer to work union-free.

But union bosses, like socialists everywhere, do not recognize the will of the people; they claim to embody the will of the people.

Unions protect incompetents from the consequences of their own actions, and force those consequences onto others – observe the Milwaukee Public Schools and General Motors. Individualism breeds exceptionalism, and exceptionalism is intolerable to the union collectivist.

Under Card

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EFCA Update

Enthusiasm does not seem to be dissipating on either side of the EFCA struggle. The Big Labor/Dem camp had to duck hard as a national campaign strategist prophesied the loss of the House in the upcoming elections, inspiring incentive for pushing labor-agenda bills through the lame-duck Congress later this year.

Big Labor has been flexing its muscle with expanding use of shareholder resolutions, and it is expected to continue with such assaults, especially as a fall-back tactic if an EFCA-type bill fails to pass Congress. The latest “financial reform” bill added additional strength to their ability to wield this weapon by making it easier for unions to put their representatives on the boards of corporations across the country. And don’t rule out the use of “snap elections,” especially if the NLRB continues down the road

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Unions Hit the Self-Destruct Button

Libertarian blogger Tim Nerenz had a couple of interesting posts on unions. The first deals with how unions are putting their own selfish needs above those of the country (again…) in the Gulf. Foreign oil-cleanup vessels have cleaned up massive spills like the one in the Gulf without any oil reaching shore using technology and equipment that is sitting around idle as we speak. The excuse being used is the Jones Act, protectionist legislation designed to prevent foreign competition in US waters. Unions engage in this kind of self-destructive behavior almost by reflex. As Tim says in another interesting post on the Employee Free Choice Act the best cannibal in the tribe is the last one to die of starvation. So be careful the next time a union organizer asks you to pass the plate…

“QSR Companies Are Sitting Ducks”

The May 21, 2010 issue of The Journal Record (Oklahoma business journal) featured an interview with Phil Wilson, President of LRI, about the vulnerability of QSR businesses (quick service, or “fast food,” restaurants) to union organizing drives. Wilson believes these businesses could be a looming target for unions, especially the member-bleeding SEIU. “QSR companies are sitting ducks, and they better prepare immediately for a rapidly changing labor environment,” Phil stated. Phil referenced a leaked December 2009 document suggesting the SEIU planned to penetrate the fast-food sector, generally the arena of the United Food & Commercial Workers. The motivation arises from the fact that QSR businesses cannot move their jobs overseas to evade union encroachment.

Wilson warned that large, well-known chains provide highly visible targets for aggressive national public-relations assaults, known in the labor relations world as corporate

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YouTube Video: Their Governor

Check out this YouTube video covering: Their Governor.

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Watch this and others on our union video YouTube channel.

Union Pension Funding Down The Drain!

Unions like to point to their pensions as a big selling point when recruiting new members. “What? Your company just offers you a 401(K) plan? You should have a pension!” That’s the pitch. Well, be careful what you wish for. Here is a list of more than 100 underfunded pension plans – many of them have less than half the money they need to pay their obligations. Remember that federal law requires pension funds to be at least 80 percent funded in order to be classified as healthy. So next time a union organizer starts trashing your benefits and pitching you on a union pension fund, you might want to take a look under the hood. Is there any money in that fund to pay the promised benefits?

Is EFCA Actually A Zombie?

The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is like one of those zombies you just can’t kill. The Wall Street Journal blog repeats Tom Harkin’s threat to pass EFCA during a lame duck session after the November elections. The article predict that if a large number of Democrat Senators and Representatives are relieved of duty this November that we may see the passage of EFCA, cap and trade and other so-called “progressive” legislation passed during the lame duck session. Recently Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, chair of the Senate committee overseeing labor issues, told the Bill Press radio show in June that “to those who think [card check] is dead, I say think again.” Top Union Leaders will be looking for payback for their political contributions over the past several elections. Rep. Tom Price probably said it

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INK: July 08, 2010

inkquill22 Labor Relations INK

In this issue:

EFCA Update See No Evil, Hear No Evil… Health Care Industry Takes Center Stage SEIU Watch, Sticky Fingers and more…

EFCA Update

A couple of judges weighed in on behalf of Big Labor the last couple of weeks. First, a federal Judge granted summary judgment in the ATA/Chamber of Commerce suit against the National Mediation Board to stop the proposed voting rule change, effectively allowing the NMB to reverse the voting rules for RLA elections away from they’ve been conducted for 75years.

In Arizona, a state judge squashed that state’s attempt to mandate secret ballots in all union elections by blocking a proposition that would have allowed Arizona

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Coming To A Construction Site Near You

Setting: Construction site, daytime – surrounded by picketers and protestors.

Action: Enter two construction trucks attempting to get to their work site. Finding the way blocked by an angry mob, they drive over and park in a mall parking lot to await the police. As they are sitting quietly in their trucks, a black SUV suddenly screeches to a halt in front of them. Out of the SUV pounce several baseball bat-wielding thugs, who commence to shatter the glass on the trucks and otherwise cause mayhem. As the workers exit their trucks to protect themselves, they too are assailed with baseball bats, sending one to the hospital.

Sounds like the latest action thriller, but unfortunately, it is business as usual for union thugs in Upper Merion, PA. The victims were targeted simply because they wanted

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