AFL-CIO Urging Obama to Recess Appoint Becker

Saying “enough is enough,” Trumka is asking people to call the White House switchboard and demand that President Obama recess appoint Craig Becker and Mark Pearce to the NLRB. Not that surprising – unions aren’t that into voting these days anyway.

Becker May Not Be Finished Yet!

This one sided argument suggests that Craig Becker should be appointed to the NLRB position he was nominated for by President Obama. Looks like the battle will rage on.

Olympic Event: SEIU Marketing?

The SEIU is at it again. As we mentioned in the, the SEIU will travel the world (using member dues of course) to try to accomplish by intimidation what it can’t accomplish by persuasion. Not missing a chance to grandstand in Vancouver, now the SEIU is saying that the food provided to Olympians may not be safe. Really? If they awarded gold medals for BS I have no doubt the SEIU would be atop the podium.

Teamsters Again!

Teamsters unionize FedEx in Canada. The Canadian Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) has received an application for certification from the Teamsters on February 12.  In Canada this is a card-check process similar to the proposed EFCA bill here in the U.S. meaning there was no election.  FedEx, who has a long union free history, is expected to challenge the application.  This is the second big win this week for the Teamsters who unionized Continental Airlines earlier.

UPDATE 3.1.10: It seems that the Teamsters have stretched the truth in their press release referenced in this paragraph.  According to Fed Ex spokesperson Perry Colosimo, “Contrary to the inaccurate claims of the Teamsters’ press release, this application does not mean that the union represents any FedEx Ground employee or has majority support at this time. The company will request a hearing to challenge this application, which resulted from a

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Big Win for the Teamsters

In a rare attempt to unionize an Airline which falls under the Railway Labor Act the Teamsters narrowly won an election to represent Continental Airlines Fleet Service employees.  The fate of 7,600 workers came down to 300 votes.  What is interesting is the campaign strategy used by the Teamsters and ignoring the outlying locations; the Teamsters concentrated their efforts on the major hubs where large numbers of workers are located.  Two other unions, the Transport Workers Union and the International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers lost bids to represent the Continental employees in recent years.  The Teamsters also used job security as the number one priority Watch out Delta…

Unions are Mad!

Unions don’t feel they got their money’s worth while trying to buy politicians to enact their agenda. Will union members stay home in the 2010 or 2012 elections in retaliation?

Union Democracy?

The AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is calling for President Obama to place more than 60 political nominees into place over the upcoming recess.

INK: February 11, 2010

inkquill22 INK: February 11, 2010 Labor Relations INK

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In This Issue:

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Labor Relations Insight from Phil Wilson

Bring Out Yer Dead

Remember that famous scene from Monty Python’s Holy Grail during the plague? A cart is pulled around the village to pick up dead peasants. Cries of “bring out yer dead” can be heard across the village. At some point a not-quite-dead villager is about to be hoisted onto the cart when he protests that he is not dead and instead is “feeling much better.” Until

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Go Union!?

We’ve mentioned the recent Bureau of Labor report on the decline of private industry union members and the rise of those in public unions. What can get lost in the overall picture is the startling fact that 10.1% of private union jobs were eliminated, which was more than twice the 4.4% rate of overall private job losses.

membership Go Union!?

As much as unionists like to talk about job security, their words ring hollow in the face of the facts.

Day Care Workers Strike Back At SEIU

daycare Day Care Workers Strike Back At SEIUWashington state was on the brink of becoming the next state to force day care workers into the fold of the SEIU, when day care owners decided to voice their opposition to the move. As a result, Kim Cook, president of SEIU local 925, said the union has decided to modify its proposed bill and give daycares an option to join rather than making it mandatory.

Candi Doran, owner of the Little Orca Learning Center in Mukilteo, said “I will not be forced into paying people I do not believe present quality to the public.” Doran believes that millions of dollars intended for classroom materials and food for children would be instead directed to the union if union membership became mandatory, and she resents the threat of being forced

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