Ilike the information about the unions especially seiu Ia member not by choice and the newsletter feed good information
C. Pilz

Informative on current events, trends and pending actions of unions, congress, NLRB, Administration and business community (Chamber, etc.). Helpful for small business owners and management who don't have the time for a daily "watch" of the critical players in this milieu.

thank you for providing the truth about unions.

Union Free Media Coverage

Campaign Literature

The development and distribution of effective literature and handouts are vital. Messages that voters can hold onto, absorb at their convenience, or refer back to keep your campaign working, even when group meetings or one-on-one contact are over. LRI has a variety of coordinated messages available in a choice of formats.
Campaign Posters: Full-size, full-color posters to be displayed in employee areas.
Campaign Flyers: Professionally designed flyers focus on core issues common to most campaigns.
Custom Campaign Posters: Custom posters use only a few words and eye-catching images to get across union-specific facts.
Rules of the Road: Union-specific, multiple-page flyer highlights the restrictive rules contained in the international union’s constitution.
Cartoons: A humorous way to deliver important messages-ideal for making handouts.


Teamster Organizer Rebecca Smith

Campaign Posters

Salvatore Clemente SEIU Organizer

Campaign Flyers

Steelworker Organizer Tim Hunt

Rules of the Road