Word Play at Subaru

subaru 300x115 Word Play at Subaru

You may remember last month when the Carpenters Local 201 tried to “shame” Subaru of Wichita for not using union labor during a remodel. The union posted a sign just outside of the dealership that stated in bold red letters: “Shame on Subaru of Wichita” with the phrase “labor dispute” dusted on the corners. It was a most inspiring bullying tactic that quickly opened the door for Subaru to become a model for turning bad PR into good PR with their quick crafting of an almost identical sign that countered: “For Having Unbeatable Prices.”

Upset at the company’s keen reaction, Local 201 relocated their sign to make it stand apart from Subaru’s new marketing strategy. Not to worry though! A simple grammatical change, and a prepositional phrase was born.

Nice job, Subaru.

Target Takes a Stand

Target has been getting a lot of attention recently due to a leaked company video. The video discusses the effect unionization might have on their work environment and further attempts to persuade employees to “keep Target union free.” No surprise here, but a lot of people are upset about this.

Union supporters believe that since it is illegal for them to hold captive audience meetings within an institution they are trying to organize, the company leaders should be withheld the same opportunity. The problem is that to do so would violate both the First Amendment and NLRA. That hasn’t stopped Oregon or Wisconsin from passing laws that ban captive audience meetings on the subject of unionization within the workplace. Five other states have proposed similar legislation.

When employers do not hold mandatory meetings during an organizing drive, the union wins the election 73% of the time. However, when

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SEIU in Cahoots with OSHA

On the Record with Greta Van Susteren recently interviewed Professional Janitorial Service’s CEO, Brent Southwell, to get his take on SEIU organizers tagging along during OSHA’s last few on site inspections. PJS in Houston, Texas is a private, non-unionized company. Watch the interview here.

E-mail Sharing

There’s one thing we all have in common; and that is dealing with unwanted e-mails. It seems to have become acceptable to many organizations to market to private e-mail accounts without the owner realizing they signed up to be on that mailing list. Oftentimes, they didn’t. They signed up with another group who shared their information with someone else.

This is the current agreement between Together Baton Rouge and the Service Employees International Union. When you sign up with TBR, you unknowingly sign up to receive correspondence from SEIU.

Pay attention to the local organizations you give your information to as this tactic is surely being utilized by more unions than SEIU.

NLRB Holds Open Meeting

The National Labor Relations Board will hold a public hearing on April 10 and 11, 2014 over the proposed procedural amendments for filing and processing representative-case petitions. The meeting will begin at 9:00am eastern on both days and will be streamed live at http://www.nlrb.gov/openmeeting.

Click here for an outline of the key issues up for discussion.

Interesting Interview on Labor’s Decline

Check out this really interesting interview with activist Staughton Lynd. His critique of today’s labor movement and the reasons for its historical decline are spot-on. While you’ll undoubtedly disagree with his ultimate solution (socialism of course) there is a lot to chew on in this interview. The one thing that jumped out to me is his argument that the dues-checkoff is a big part of the decline of unions. Very worthwhile read.

Phil Wilson Quoted On NLRB Northwestern Decision

Screen Shot 2014 04 02 at 2.32.10 PM Phil Wilson Quoted On NLRB Northwestern Decision

Attorney Karen Michael, writing for the Times Dispatch online site Work It, Richmond, contacted LRI President Phil Wilson to gain some insight into the decision by the NLRB that football players at Northwestern University are “employees” of the university, and thus eligible for union membership.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

According to Phil Wilson, President of the Labor Relations Institute, the nation’s top labor relations consulting firm, “the floodgates are open.” He added, “The decision… distinguishes and creatively mis-characterizes the life of a student-athlete to get to its conclusion. Exactly no effort was put into thinking through how this decision might actually be applied in the real world, or its implications for student athletes and

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Michigan State's Organizing Curriculum

The Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan have demanded that Michigan State University do away with it’s Building Trades Academy program due to what Charlie Owens, National Federation of Independent Business director, calls “a conflict of interest and an inappropriate use of a university reputation and taxpayer dollars.”

Building Trades Academy seminars are offered through MSU’s college of Human Resources and Labor Relations and are described by the college as “educational programs that offer useful and practical skill building for Building Trades union staff and leadership and capacity building for their unions.” Opposers of this program believe that this sort of “union organizing” should not be allowed in “the halls of a public land-grant university.”

MSU spokesman, Kent Cassella, dubs that argument as mute citing that the program is paid for by the trade unions, not by MSU – i.e. the taxpayers.

“Just because they reimburse at the

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Missouri R2W Comes to a Head

jay nixon 300x212 Missouri R2W Comes to a Head

Gov. Jay Nixon – Source: Laurie Skrivan, lskrivan@post-dispatch.com

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) has left nothing unsaid when it comes to his stance on right-to-work legislation in the state – which is why supporters of the bill, Rep. Eric Burlison (R) and House Speaker Tim Jones (R), are considering taking the vote straight to the people. If done in this way, Nixon wouldn’t have an opportunity to veto the bill before it goes to a vote; which is what he did with last years “paycheck protection” act – an amendment that would have have required public employees to give written authorization before union fees were deducted from their paycheck or spent on political campaigns.

“If they

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UAW Appeal Puts VW Decision on Hold

U.S. Sen. Bob Corker’s comment that the Chattanooga factory would get a new VW model if UAW was rejected is still hot on the minds of UAW officials who believe Corker’s primary motive was to intimidate workers (ironic).

Corker responded in the Wall Street Journal with the following statement: “The National Labor Relations Board will have to decide whether to follow years of precedent and let the vote of the workers stand – or whether it will try to muzzle elected officials and prevent them from weighing in on issues of critical importance to the communities they represent.”

The appeal hearing is currently set for April 7, but could be pushed back to the 21st.

Volkswagen has resolved to hold off on making a decision as to whether or not they will bring their new SUV to the Chattanooga plant until after the case has been settled.

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