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Union Free Media Coverage

“Thanks to LRI we overwhelmingly beat the Teamsters 43 to 3”

“I wanted to drop you a line to let you know about the terrific job LRI and your consultant did for our employees. Our employees ultimately voted to overwhelmingly defeat the Teamsters 43-no to 3-yes that allows us to continue to work directly with our employees… Your consultant was a great partner to HR as well, collaborating on the strategy and actions needed to make the union campaign a success. Thank you again for the great service. I would welcome the opportunity to be a reference for LRI at anytime.” B. Rosa, Director of HR

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Phil Wilson Interviewed on FoxBusiness

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Former Union Organizer
Employee Advocates give your employees the facts about unions

“Employees respond to real people, former union organizers, who have been in the trenches and can speak the truth in a language your employees understand.” 

LRI EMPLOYEE ADVOCATES: Your employees have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the union’s promises. You have about a 70% chance of losing your election even if you have a top-notch legal firm representing you. You’ve got about a month (or less) until your election to convince your employees the union is a bad idea. Your employees don’t trust you right now and don’t know a thing about unions. Your hands are tied.

  • It’s not too late to create a foundation of trust with your employees. Your attorney is NOT going to talk to your employees and employees don’t connect with corporate lawyers anyway. They can’t relate.
  • LRI matches our Employee Advocates with your specific union petition, workforce demographics, and corporate culture. 
  • LRI Consultants know the law and how to communicate effectively, sharing the facts about unions in a way that is legal. If you aren’t up to speed on the laws and try to do it yourself, you could easily break 15 laws straight out of the chute. Big mistake…

We win. It’s that simple. We have over 10,000 campaign election WINS or WITHDRAWALS (that’s when the union cries “UNCLE!” and withdraws before the election). You can trust our consultants to do what is best for the Company and your employees. You can turn everything around. Call 800-888-9115.

LRI Campaign Management
Campaign Calendar
Communication Materials


“You Can’t Afford To Lose Precious Time - You’ve Got EVERYTHING To Lose…”

CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: Whether you utilize our consultants to communicate directly with your employees or not, you have less than a month to make this right before the election happens.

You need a plan. Our plan has won over 10,000 union elections. At Labor Relations Institute, our campaign management is tailored to your business every step of the way. You need: 

  • A Campaign Calendar
  • A method to legally assess whether you’re making progress
  • Communication materials written in plain English, not “heady” lawyer speak
  • Supervisors trained to keep you out of court
  • And so much more…
Where do you start? Call 800-888-9115. We’ll help you get set up with all your campaign materials. You don’t have time to reinvent the wheel. You need a proven program and we’ve got it ready to pack up and ship to you overnight. 

Case Studies
LRI Campaign Election Wins

“Your company can win the election. LRI can show you how.” 

Companies Who Have Successfully Won Their Elections: Want to learn more about how LRI consulting works? Call us at 800.888.9115 to talk with other companies like yours who have won their campaigns using LRI campaign consulting or you can read a few of our case studies listed below.


Tube Manufacturing Company: The Teamsters filed a petition against this company – its second union election – with reported 80% support. The company did not engage our services until 3 weeks were left to the vote (they had done no campaigning up to that point). Through use of video campaigning and heavy support of the local management team we defeated the union by a 2 to 1 margin. <more…>

Winch Manufacturer: The Teamsters filed a petition to represent employees at a Midwestern winch manufacturer (they also engaged in cardsigning activity at a second company location, but that activity was squelched before a petition was filed). After a campaign that relied primarily on communication from the local management team, the company prevailed 45 to 8. <more…>

Casino Property: The Hotel & Restaurant and Service Employees Unions filed a petition to represent about 400 casino employees. They pulled out all the stops, including numerous disruptive anti-corporate campaign tactics. In the end employee rejected the unions by a 3 to 1 margin. <more…>