Opposition Research

LRI Online’s proprietary databases provide up-to-the-minute statistics on every union local in the United States. This data often provides the “smoking gun” argument needed to persuade employees that the union local seeking to represent them is not all that it claims to be.

To ensure that every campaign has the information essentials, LRI created the Campaign Data Pac. This coordinated package of resource materials includes the union-specific documentation that thousands of campaigns have shown to be the most persuasive, plus ready-to-use voter handouts that support the LRI video presentations and reinforce the disadvantages of unionization. Campaign Data Pacs are available for most unions and include hundreds of pages of high-impact, factual information. To order a union-specific Campaign Data Pac call 800-888-9115, M-F 8am - 5pm Central Time.

Complete Campaign Data Pac

All the data you need to win.
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Local union election results
International Union constitution & financial report
Local Union Bylaws
Local Union Financial Report
Union-Specific strike history
Local union or area-specific ULP charges
Custom Research
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