Terrific, particularly on breaking news issues
P. Lantingan

This is a great resource. This site is used by me before any other resource. Information availability is plentiful and extremely useful. I consider this site as a must have in HR tool kits.
M. Willard

Greatly appreciate the alerts with such specific information. LRI is a genuine contributor to labor relations information and support.

Union Free Media Coverage

Are your supervisors giving away the bargaining gains you worked so hard to secure?

Most managers – even those that have worked around unions for years – do not understand how to work with the union instead of struggling against it.

Being consistent in a few key principles is the key, and our pocket guides and training make it easier to stay consistent. With our Managing the Union Shop materials, your supervisors and managers will be able to:

  • Manage according to the contract;
  • Respond effectively to grievances;
  • Draft defensible discipline;
  • Avoid unfair labor practice charges.

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