Terrific, particularly on breaking news issues
P. Lantingan

Excellent coverage of labor issues such as EFCA.
P. Landau

Had an opportunity to meet and listen to Phil in this week's CUE Conf. His presentation was an absolute home run - which is very appropriate for the host city - home of the Louisville Slugger. This information clearly focuses on "preventive medicine" which should eliminate or greatly minimize the risk of any serious "illness" - Left of The Boom is a great way to show importance of being pro active and what happens when we wait to react. Great job !
S. Bloom

Union Free Media Coverage

Deunionization Videos

Three deunionization videos that offer union-represented employees two different ways to break the grip of compulsory unionism.

  • The Union Decertification Process
    Explains in a neutral and lawful manner the process employees must undergo to decertify a union.
  • How to Deauthorize a Union Shop
    Explains deauthorization elections, where union members can vote to get rid of the union security clause in their labor agreement.
  • Paying Dues Is Your Choice
    Used during company captive audience meetings after a union decertification petition is filed.
  • Access full Previews of Election Campaign Videos now with password or call 800-888-9115, M-F 8am-5pm Central Time for more information

The Union Decertification Process (TRT 14:27)

How to Deauthorize a Union Shop (TRT 11:03)

Paying Dues is Your Choice (TRT 6:56)