Superb structure and content advisory for the LM avalanche approaching. I particularly liked the tripwire commentary and redirection to the Jump team. Then there are those masterful remarks in the communications tips, especially the employee-centric point.. Liked the set up to the toxic employee in a compressed time period...should be appealing to most managers.
W. Moyer

thank you for good information,
J. Schulz

Hi Phil, I would like to thank your team on our recent victory over the IAFF in our election on Friday. We won with about 2/3 of the votes in our favor. I could not have done it without the great work of Scott. He got to the root of the problem almost immediately and got me headed in the right direction. Thanks again for your expert help.
W. Woodcock

Union Free Media Coverage

Got Teamsters?  A guide for employees–before you vote to join a union.

by Joseph Brock – former Teamster local President

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Got-TeamstersWhat if a former union insider – a high ranking official – could tell your employees exactly what goes on in union business meetings, and how the union really views its “members?”

Joe Brock is that man, and he doesn’t pull any punches. Part of his credibility stems from his belief that unions could still provide a useful service to employee, if they would get back to their original foundations. He knows not every employer is perfect, but after 25 years, he also knows that most often, the employee’s best option for making things better is working with the company rather than against it.

Joe Brock was born into a Teamster home and was raised on picket lines and in union halls. He became a union organizer, and moved steadily up the ranks to become the President of a large local. Eventually, after 25 years in the Teamsters union, he knew he was on the wrong side.

Joe left the union and now works for the benefit of employees, describing how to properly evaluate union promises made during organizing campaigns in light of legal realities and union track records.

Don’t let the title mislead you. Although Joe’s background was with the infamous Teamsters union, he has spent the last several years addressing work forces in almost every industry imaginable, facing organizing drives by all of the major unions.

Here’s a list of some of what Joe covers in this fast, easy read:

  • Sources of unbiased information about unions (NLRB, LM-2’s, union constitutions)
  • What you’ll find in union constitutions (fines & fees, discipline, other costs of membership)
  • The truth about collective bargaining (union bargaining chips, contracts & ratification)
  • Union contracts (dues check-off, union security, management rights, grievance procedures)
  • Strikes & picket lines
  • Union corruption

Order one today and check it out, then order one for every employee in the targeted unit.

Available in Paperback, 93 Pages addtocart Publications