The Next 52 Weeks has been replaced by Phil’s latest book, Left of Boom: Putting Proactive Engagement to Work.  All of the content in The Next 52 Weeks has been incorporated and updated into this newest book, along with new content (Left of Boom is almost twice as much total content).

Check out Left of Boom HERE.

52weeksThe Next 52 Weeks: One Year to Transform Your Work Environment

by Phillip B. Wilson

Paperback $39.99
Hardcover $59.99

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A step-by-step guide on how to dramatically improve employee engagement at your company in just one year. Includes ready to use checklists, sample survey questions, action-planning guides and more. Inside you’ll learn:

  • Three key motivators that cause employees to reject unions, and how to move your company “up the ladder” to the most secure motivator (IMPORTANT: even if your employees reject unions today, if their key motivator is wrong you are still vulnerable to union organizers). You’ll find these tips starting on page 37
  • How to determine your company’s internal and external vulnerability – and why you have to deal with both kinds of vulnerability. This important concept is covered beginning on page 49
  • Why most companies fall flat on their face when it comes to employee satisfaction surveys and how this tool can form the backbone of your employee engagement strategy if you implement our simple-to-follow instructions on how to communicate and act on survey results (there is even a sample communication PowerPoint on page 269)…
  • Critical training elements for your first-line supervisors, and how you can turn them from a problem area into a key to your employee engagement strategy (and even a “tripwire” to alert you of any potential organizing problems). Check out page 102 for other tips on leveraging supervisors as part of your regular communication plan.

Available in Paperback or Hardcover, 277 Pages.