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URGENT: Your “Ambush Election” Action Plan

Get the days back that the NLRB is taking away from you!

In April of 2016, election campaigns shrunk from about 42 days down to an average of about 21.

Click the image to download a sample of the NEW Tripwire content

Click the image to download a sample of the NEW Tripwire content

Things you need to know now:

  • Your ONLY DEFENSE is a proven system providing EARLY WARNING of organizing so you can solve problems before they spin out of control.
  • We have vastly improved our popular Tripwire training system that’s been used to train supervisors nationwide how to spot and confidently respond to the early warning behaviors that change when an organizer shows up at your company.

See what makes this different. Download a sample of the new training content here =========================>

Our new Tripwire training is different than anything else going. If you’ve used our Tripwire before, you’ll be gratefully surprised at what you and your supervisors experience. While most law firms and other trainers focus on the technical and legal aspects (and the not-so-subtle signs of organizing), we bring to life the nuances of behavior change when talk of unions begins to circulate, and we teach the skills and behaviors that make your supervisors magnets for the early detection of organizing activity.

In a world of “ambush” elections unions hold all the cards. The only leverage you have is the weeks and months before the petition is filed. If you recognize problems early you can solve them and prevent an organizing campaign from getting traction.

Make no mistake – in the new world, early warning is the only warning that matters. Is your early warning system up to the challenge?

Download the sample now, or if you’ve already seen enough, call Greg Kittinger at 800-888-9115 today for more details.

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