Positive Labor Relations

 Positive Labor Relations Training

Train your leaders to LEAD in a unionized company.

This training system focuses on the challenges supervisors face when managing in a union environment. Supervisors learn to accomplish management objectives within the confines of the labor agreement. Your leaders will learn how to:

  • Effectively manage with and administer a union contract;
  • Handle discipline in a respectful, constructive manner;
  • Build a productive relationship with both your employees and the union leadership.

managing union shopFinally, good advice for leaders who manage a unionized company.

This training is for you if today you…

  • Have managers who erode away your management rights and destroy gains you worked so hard to get in bargaining?
  • Battle bad past practices or poor documentation that constantly get in your way during grievance meetings with the union?
  • Shake your head at the number of silly, baseless grievances that get appealed to the final step of your grievance procedure?
  • Are so busy “fighting fires” that you can’t invest the time and energy necessary to develop your own training program on how to manage in a union shop.

And you want to…

  • Dramatically improve your relationship with local and international union leadership
  • Substantially reduce your grievances - especially ones that get appealed past the first step
  • Build the capability of supervisors and ensure that key gains at the bargaining table stick

Your supervisors will see interviews with six top labor experts – a “brain trust” with over 150 years of combined experience that includes labor attorneys, labor relations professionals and former union officers.

“Thank God they didn’t hand this out to supervisors at my shop. It would have made me totally ineffective.” That’s what a former UAW Steward said about this “secret weapon”.

Positive Labor Relations

Opportunity Assessment

If you are interested in transforming your relationship with your union or getting control over your labor contract, LRI will help you get there. But you need more than a book or a workshop; you need a system and a structure to get you focused and on track with your plans. The Positive Labor Relations Opportunity Assessment provides a solid, proven program to get control over your labor relations environment. The Assessment will:

  1. Evaluate your environment;
  2. Provide an overview of the connections between your relationships with union leadership, relationships with employees, your labor agreement, how your front-line leaders manage your agreement, your business market conditions, and more;
  3. View from all angles, to identify gaps and craft interventions to shrink those gaps.


  • Be prepared when employees ask questions about their rights
  • Understand the permissible conversations you can have with your employees

Some of the program materials: 

managing union shop

Managing the Union Shop: Bestselling pocket guide for supervisors of a union shop. Covers contract erosion, management rights, just cause and more.

negotiation icon

Model Reprimands for the Union Shop: Quick guide to writing effective reprimands for unionized companies - includes numerous samples managers can use to guide drafting.

negotiation icon

How to Investigate Grievances: Pocket guide for supervisors and HR managers with great tips on investigating, defending and winning grievances and arbitrations.

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