Managing Challenges

Strikes, slowdown tactics, and corporate campaigns are all extensions of the bargaining process. Unions rely on the threat of these industrial actions to create leverage and balance bargaining power. Just as “war is politics by other means,” these tactics are bargaining by other means. To achieve your objectives in bargaining, expect the union to employ such tactics and prepare your business in order to minimize the potential impact of a strike or slowdown and keep the bargaining power on your side of the table.


Strike Preparation & Business Continuity

strike-icon Strikes are less common and far less effective today because so many employers prepare to serve their customers during a dispute. For some businesses a strike would seriously impact customers and that risk simply can’t be eliminated. A well-prepared strike plan is the key. Your strike plan includes the operational, security, training and communications details needed to ensure the safety and security of people, processes and equipment while you serve customers without striking employees.  LRI consultants have the experience to help you prepare to serve your customers and maintain your leverage. Call LRI well before your next opportunity to negotiate.

Corporate Campaign Defense

boycott-icon In some cases, unions try to change a company’s bargaining positions or corporate policies by influencing public sentiment rather than causing employees to suffer the economic and emotional sacrifices they make during a strike. Union corporate campaigns pressure companies through highly publicized mass protests or demonstrations, political leverage, media assaults, and administrative complaints or lawsuits. These campaigns were famously described as “The Death of a Thousand Cuts” but author Jarol B. Manheim.  LRI consultants conduct strategic risk assessments to determine your company’s level of vulnerability to a corporate campaign then deliver actionable steps to mitigate your risk and help you plan to defend your brand in the face of a corporate campaign.

Communications (Words matter…a lot!)

comm2-icon Your labor strategy, what you say about your labor strategy and what others say about your labor strategy directly impact your bargaining. These messages can also impact your employment brand and even your enterprise value. LRI consultants will help you align your communications strategy with your labor strategy.  We will help you find the right words and phrasing to accurately and positively describe your strategy and actions, and your results to your stakeholders, community and other important constituents.  We will train your team to use proper messages and protect your credibility – before, during and after negotiations.