Get The Best Deal

Getting the best possible contract is a process, not an event.

Whether it’s your first contract, a routine or difficult renewal, a single subject re-opener or even decisions and effects bargaining, successful bargaining outcomes depend on thoughtfully prepared bargaining strategies


Bargaining Preparation


In bargaining, the most prepared side wins. Successful bargaining strategies:

  1. focus on the legitimate needs of the business;
  2. seek achievable objectives;
  3. use leverage judiciously and prepare for contingencies;
  4. enjoy the support of senior leaders, and
  5. are informed by the dynamics that impact the process (the economic environment, the bargaining history, the degree of employee engagement, the level of employee support for the union, how frontline leaders manage under the contract, the intra-union political situation and its priorities).

Whether seeking to correct uncompetitive terms or secure reasonable economics in a renewal, LRI will help you prepare the most effective bargaining strategy for your circumstances.


  • Improve operational flexibility.
  • Secure important management rights.
  • Minimize surprises and reduce disruption risk.

Contract Negotiation


Bargaining can be very tough even for the most experienced teams – especially for first contracts.  Few companies have a negotiating team with the right combination of interpersonal skill, legal knowledge and thick skin to pull off the tough work of bargaining, or if they do, they are stretched thin.

Negotiation is both art and science, and LRI is skilled at both. LRI will provide subject matter expertise or serve as your organization’s chief spokesperson. We work with you to get the most from your negotiations.


  • Top caliber negotiation talent at the flip of a switch.
  • Flexibility to navigate around the rough issues and preserve working relationships.
  • Our experts are economical; you won’t need an expert on staff.

Bargaining Communication


Effective bargaining strategies are about leverage, and communication is the key. We help you frame the issues using messages that move employee opinions in a persuasive way. In some cases it is necessary to use existing leverage forcefully; in others there is little or no existing leverage. Our expert guidance and communication tools, including web sites, video and written communication, ensure that your messages lower barriers to agreement and minimize misinformation.


  • Be clear, be understood and get better deals.
  • Avoid missteps, misunderstanding and unintended consequences.
  • Ensure stakeholders are informed about the process.
  • A contract with the best chance that it will be implemented.

Close the Deal


At the end of the day, you want to close the deal. The time spent preparing and bargaining returns nothing until the contract is ratified and effective or its terms are implemented. LRI will guide and support your negotiations throughout the process - from developing an effective strategy to closing a deal with the results you need.

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Additional Resources:

Model Contract Clauses

Model Contract Clauses

Over 200 model contract clauses to use as guides during bargaining negotiations. Great tool for first contracts or renewals.