The Devil At My Doorstep

The Devil At My DoorstepThe Devil at My Doorstep: How I Survived a Three-Year War with Big Labor and Protected My Employees and Business

by David A. Bego, President and CEO of Executive Management Services (EMS)

Buy Now - Paperback $18.95 only $15.95 for INK subscribersaddtocart PublicationsDavid Bego provides an insightful narrative of his three-year-long, million-dollar (and still counting) battle with the powerful Service Employees International Union. A true David against Goliath tale, Bego refused to roll over in the face of SEIU demands for a neutrality agreement. His desire to protect the company he started on a shoestring and grew to employ nearly 5000 workers in 33 states, lead to a corporate campaign that is still not resolved. Reading Bego’s gripping account, you will learn::

  • Why running a quality company while providing top-tier wage and benefit packages doesn’t ensure you will not be a union target.
  • The tell-tale signs that a corporate campaign is imminent.
  • The range of union tactics that you can expect in such a campaign, including
    • Confrontations & threats to your employees
    • Employee stalking
    • Salting” of your company
    • Letters to your customers and/or suppliers detailing unprovable allegations of company impropriety.
    • Collaboration with well-meaning but misguided activist groups or high-profile third parties, such as clergy.
    • Demonstrations, protests, boycotts, handbilling and flyers.
    • Use of children as sympathy icons.
    • Filing of Unfair Labor Practice charges, OSHA violations, and other legal gambits.
  • How to turn the tables on the union – what to do, and what not to do!

Available in Paperback, 185 Pages addtocart Publications