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Managing the Union Shop
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Model Contract Clauses
Over 200 model contract clauses to use as guides during bargaining negotiations. Great tool for first contracts or renewals.

How to Investigate Grievances
Pocket guide for supervisors and HR managers with great tips on investigating, defending and winning grievances and arbitrations.

Model Reprimands for the Union Shop
Quick guide to writing effective reprimands for unionized companies - includes numerous samples managers can use to guide drafting

Becoming Union Free
Classic guide by Francis “Tom” Coleman fully updated.

The Devil At My Doorstep
How a man stood up to an SEIU corporate campaign and won!

Employee Satisfaction Survey Success
Find out how to improve employee engagement using an employee satisfaction survey in this 53-page guide.

Conducting Opinion Surveys - Wright
Useful guide to conducting opinion surveys by Dr. Christopher Wright.

LM-10 Compliance Handbook
Covers the new DOL reporting rules for union companies.

Union Avoidance - 5 Keys
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10 Things You Should Do After Winning Your NLRB Election
FREE whitepaper - 10 Things You Should Do After Winning Your NLRB Election” - learn what to do after winning your election.

Union Corruption and the Law
Phillip Wilson’s FREE monograph on union corruption. In it he identifies a number of possible reforms to effectively respond to corruption.

Fed Up?
Pamphlets suitable for handing to employees that explains the rules of union decertification.

I Want Out
Pamphlets suitable for handing to managers that explains the rules of union decertification.