Positive Workplace Communication Tools

Connecting with employees is crucial to maintaining a positive working environment. It starts by listening with an empathetic ear (see our recommendations for doing this). But just as importantly, you have to let your employees know they were heard, and couch your message in ways they understand using mediums that engage their attention.

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Company Culture Videos

Video is a powerful medium. The combination of visual images, well-constructed narration, music, and the human tough create strong emotional connections. Putting your employees front and center in a discussion about your company’s culture and ideals reinforces the value of an open, direct working relationship.

Benefits: Custom presentation of your core values; connection of employees to one another through visual medium; multiple venue options for displaying your message.

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Print Communication Tools

Embodying union-free messages within the company’s values and culture reinforces the value of a direct relationship.

Posters, flyers, paycheck stuffers, memos and other print medium are inexpensive and often portable means to communication with your employees.

Benefits: Flexible, highly customizable messaging; can includes research-driven content to maximize effectiveness; encourages employees to investigate the facts for themselves.

Websites and Social Media

Whether on a home computer or their smart phone, your employees now live in an online, always-connected world. Unions are reaching out to them 24/7, and you shouldn’t leave this space uncontested.

Whether you are creating or modifying an employee centric website, or using one or more social media venues to connect with your employees, it is important to structure any union-focused or direct relationship messaging in the right way. If card signing activity erupts, following an appropriate sequence of targeted messaging becomes critical.

Benefits: Can be instantly updated to address evolving issues and misinformation from the union; a 24/7  Website connects with employees at their convenience; use of social media platforms means you can connect on employee terms.