Can you really turn around your employee relations environment in under one year?

Employee satisfaction surveys really work - these two facilities showed almost 25 percent improvement in one year.

These facilities did. These case studies show how other companies like yours (probably worse than yours actually…) transformed their employee relations environment.

Is it really possible to turn around your employee relations environment in under one year? Our clients do it all the time - many times these transformations occur in extremely difficult circumstances. You can do it.

The key ingredients are a commitment to improve, a handful of tools, and a little coaching to guide you. Take a look at the following case studies for inspiration and maybe even a few ideas:


Nursing Home Facilities: These two facilities are part of the same 18-facility nursing home chain (their results are shown in the chart above). They were the two lowest rated facilities in the entire chain - a year later they were ranked number 1 and 3 for their employee relations environment. More important, their resident care measures and family satisfaction scores were improved. <more…>

Chemical Plant: This facility is part of a Fortune 250 company that underwent multiple union organizing efforts. After implementing their plan they improved the employee relations measurments by over 20% and their turnover, productivity and safety measures were among the best in the company. <more…>

Medical Services Provider: This company suffered a near election defeat to a union (the company won the election by only ONE vote) prior to our engagement. They engaged us to turn around their employee relations environment. A year later they showed an 11% improvement in their employee relations measures. More important, however, the union remarkably never filed another petition. <more…>

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