Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

We offer a number of ways for clients to assess their vulnerability to union organizing activity. They include:

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Our employee satisfaction surveys have been used by thousands of company locations across the country to help improve employee engagement and protect against union organizing activity. Our survey product is the only one designed specifically to identify issues that often lead to intervention by outsiders (like unions and plaintiffs attorneys) and include our proprietary third party intervention factors and segmentation analysis. There is simply no better tool to use as a foundation for creating a positive employee relations environment in your company. Learn more…

Engagement Audit

Our expert consultant visits your target location and conducts a “stem to stern” review of your employee relations policies and practices, including interviews with key supervisory employees. The goal is to identify key vulnerabilities based on how your facility compares to best practices. You receive a complete report outlining what you’re doing right, what you can improve and an action plan to attack those areas before a union organizer does.