Train your Campaign Defense team to stop card-signing and WIN a union election.

LRI’s Bootcamp is an intense, comprehensive way to train your internal “Jump Team” to handle union card-signing and NLRB election campaigns. Using campaign-tested tools and exercises, your team will hone their skills with top campaign consultants and former union organizers.

Our recommended five-day program is modular and customizable to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Training Highlights include:

  • Emphasis on “live-fire” simulation
  • Learn from real former organizers
  • Tested tools and tactics
  • Use actual union training materials
  • High intensity, action-oriented exercises
  • Designed by campaign and legal experts
  • Learn both “how” and “why” to do things
  • Skills you can use now and in a campaign

Depending on the experience of your team, we can configure the training to meet your exact specifications. A typical full Campaign Defense Bootcamp includes the following agenda and modules:

Day 1: Basic Training & Campaign Simulation

  • Campaign Overview
  • Today’s Regulatory Environment
  • TIPS & FOE
  • Case Study

Day 2: Union Organizer Institute

  • The Organizer’s Toolbox
  • The Organizing Conversation
  • Lies My Union Told Me
  • Early Warning Signs

Day 3: Three Keys to Winning

  • Secret Weapon: Supervisors
  • Planing Your Winning Strategy
  • Tracking Campaign Success

Day 4: Persuasive Communication

  • Who Do They Trust?
  • Just The Facts
  • Caught Off Guard
  • Handling Union Disruption

Day 5: Maintaining a Union-Free Workplace

  • Left of Boom!
  • Response Strategy

Whether you need a full-on simulation to season your team, or just some solid refresher training, we can design the exact training experience you need so you are maximizing your campaign defense budget.