Employer Free Speech Restrictions

Peter List
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In this special episode of Labor Relations Radio and Labor Relations Institute’s The Left of Boom Show, Phil Wilson and Peter List team up to tackle a big topic: a recent ruling that could change the way employers talk during union-organizing campaigns.

An administrative law judge (ALJ) decided that Amazon CEO Andy Jassey’s comments in 2022 interviews broke the National Labor Relations Act. This might sound like just another legal decision, but it could have huge effects on how all employers communicate with their employees during union drives.

Phil and Peter explain what Jassey said, why it was ruled a violation, and what this means for other employers. They also discuss how this decision could change the game for employer speech, making things a bit trickier when unions are involved.

Join us for a laid-back but insightful discussion on the ripple effects of this ruling and what employers need to know moving forward. We’ll also point you to the full ALJ decision and the NLRB’s Basic Guide to the National Labor Relations Act for more context.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The details of the ALJ’s ruling against Amazon CEO Andy Jassey.
  • How this decision could change employer-employee communications during union-organizing.
  • Practical insights for employers navigating these new waters.
  • Key resources for understanding the legal background.

Tune in to get the scoop on this important development in labor relations and what it could mean for the future of employer speech.


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