Vulnerability Assessment White Paper

Is There a Target On My Back? Myths and Best Practices in Assessing Vulnerability to Union Organizing

In this paper we attack some of the most basic myths about how unions target a group of employees, and explain how the conventional “wisdom” about vulnerability assessment is completely wrong.


Taking what we know from dealing with union organizing campaigns, there are a number of surprising changes we have made to our vulnerability assessment process. Things like:


Free 13-page White Paper Includes Latest Strategies on "Vulnerability Assessment"

  • Why just rating people on a 1 to 5 scale is about as reliable as “he loves me, he loves me not”
  • How to use “multiple dimensions” to make sure you know not just whether people like you (which is really not useful), but whether the people critical to a union campaign like you (which is absolutely key)
  • Ways to use the “80/20” principle in your survey process to quickly (and cheaply) identify whether a union organizer is likely to get traction among a group of workers - and the exact roadmap you need to fix the problems before the organizer actually shows up
  • ITMS (or It’s The Margin Stupid … ) and how the fact that there is no such thing as an average employee makes most surveys mask serious problems, and even worse, can lead you to work on issues that will actually make you MORE vulnerable to union organizers

Our former organizer consultants tell us time and again that they rarely had success when their main supporters were malcontents. Sure, you can get those guys and gals to sign cards, but for a campaign to really get traction you need influential and good workers to become vocal supporters. It is this same component that gets masked - if not missed entirely - by the typical vulnerability assessment process. Take a look at our new White Paper to learn more about how to put this knowledge to work for you in your vulnerability assessment process.

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