Left of Boom

What Can Your Business Learn From the Iraq War?

Download our free White Paper “Left of Boom: Best Practices for Proactive Companies in a Changing Labor Environment” now and you’ll learn:

Are You Working Right of Boom or Left of Boom? Find Out Now

  • Why most of your “proactive” measures aren’t proactive at all and how to tell the difference between real and “fake” preventive measures;
  • The 5 key tactics military strategists used when they realized they were losing against insurgent IED attacks - and how you can apply them in your business today;
  • 6 different “left of boom” activities you can use now that will give your company big leverage in its positive employee relations strategy;
  • Plus 4 “right of boom” strategies you should be ready to use in case you are targeted by union organizers.

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Additional “Left of Boom” Resources

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