Left of Boom

What Can Your Business Learn From the Iraq War?

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Are You Working Right of Boom or Left of Boom? Find Out Now

  • Why most of your “proactive” measures aren’t proactive at all and how to tell the difference between real and “fake” preventive measures;
  • The 5 key tactics military strategists used when they realized they were losing against insurgent IED attacks - and how you can apply them in your business today;
  • 6 different “left of boom” activities you can use now that will give your company big leverage in its positive employee relations strategy;
  • Plus 4 “right of boom” strategies you should be ready to use in case you are targeted by union organizers.

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Additional “Left of Boom” Resources

You can continue your research into how Left of Boom might help your company by visiting the following links:

  1. Learn more about the military development of the “left of boom” strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan by downloading the original Washington Post article series, now available as an electronic download from Amazon.com
  2. Learn more about Net Promoter Score from Bain’s website here and by viewing the slideshow here. You can also buy the Fred Reichheld’s book The Ultimate Question and visit the “net promoter community” website.
  3. Discover how the effective way to conduct a vulnerability assessment of your organization (and why most vulnerability assessments don’t work) by downloading a copy of our FREE vulnerability assessment white paper.
  4. Find out how an effective employee opinion survey process can rapidly improve your employee relations environment.
  5. Want to learn how to create a positive workplace using many of the “Left of Boom” tactics described in the white paper? Check out The Next 52 Weeks to learn more…

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