Do You Know the 5 Keys to Winning Your Election?

5 Keys to Winning

Former Union Organizer “Spills The Beans” About How To Win Your Upcoming Union Election

Download our 32-page guide 5 Keys to Winning Your Union Election¬†(plus 2 things you think are true that could cost you an election victory) and you’ll learn:

  • A belief you probably have today that will cost you your election (on page 22).
  • One simple trick to make sure you get the best effort from your lawyer or consultant - learn the surprising truth on page 15.
  • Why your union campaign is not your most important issue today - and what is (find out on page 5).
  • How to tell whether you need a consultant (check out page 8…) and the different types of union avoidance experts (these tips - that your lawyer won’t tell you- begin on page 12).
  • Did your lawyer or consultant tell you not to talk to other consultants? Find out why this is a red flag on page 11.
  • The truth about “win rates” (and why you shouldn’t hire a campaign consultant who says they don’t lose - this surprising tip is on page 25).

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