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Help us teach Approachable Leadership™ to a million leaders. Here’s what to do next:

Step 1:

Remind yourself every day of the importance of being approachable in your life. Download, post and share the Approachable Leadership™ Infographic. Also download and share a copy of the Presentation slides.

Step 2:

Encourage others to experience the Approachable Leadership™ Keynote Presentation for themselves. Send them to

Step 3:

Bring the message to your company leaders with an Approachable Leadership™ Workshop. Call 800-888-9115 to schedule a no obligation call on delivering a customized, results-driven training experience to your leaders.

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What others are saying about the Approachable Leadership™ Workshop:

“Phil hit a home run. Not only did the marketing of his presentation draw a crowd but everyone remained attentive throughout his interactive and stimulating presentation… The proof came with two member companies looking to book him for corporate training before he left that day.

I’d highly recommend utilizing Phillip’s services when moving to improve the skills of first line supervisors, human resources professionals and others in management roles.”

Wolf Gugler, President, Central Oklahoma Human Resources Association & President, Wolf Gugler Executive Search

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approachable leadership infographic

Click to download the Approachable Leadership™ Infographic

Approachable Leadership Slides

Download the slides from the Approachable Leadership™ Keynote Presentation

Learning Objectives: During the Approachable Leadership Workshop™ your leaders will:

  • Practice and get comfortable using approachability behaviors;
  • Deal with obstacles and roadblocks they will encounter on their approachability journey;
  • Understand the importance of follow-through and how to handle situations they can’t fix;
  • Identify opportunities to apply approachability as soon as they leave the workshop;
  • Choose a co-mentor to work with and support them as they build their “approachability muscle memory”

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