Our core values define our commitment to our LRI team and to our clients:


Demonstrate Integrity

  • Do the right thing – despite the consequences
  • Be fair and honest
  • Don’t cross the line

Pursue Excellence

  • Do your best – even when you don’t have to
  • Challenge yourself and each other
  • Innovate, improve, and sweat the details

Show-up and Step-up

  • Work hard and look for ways to contribute
  • Take responsibility – don’t pass the buck
  • Keep your commitments – get it done

Help Others

  • Make others successful
  • Offer support, and chip in
  • Extend grace

Practice Teamwork

  • Play for the team - go for the assist and share the win
  • Ask for help – and celebrate contributions of others
  • Keep the team informed

Lead and Be Best  

  • Know your stuff and teach others
  • Relentlessly expand your knowledge and capabilities
  • Blaze a trail and bring others with you

LRI is a leading full service labor and positive employee relations consulting firm. We help US employers earn, protect and retain their direct relationship privilege, as we have for more than 40 years. We also help leaders in unionized work places protect management flexibility and engage their represented employees.

We believe “everyone deserves a great day at work,” and we teach Approachable Leadershipto front-line leaders as the most successful process to achieve this result.

LRI is the preeminent firm in countering union organizing campaigns with more than 10,000 successful campaigns to our credit. While our consultants are super-talents in countering organizing, we have more fun helping clients develop leaders and create positive places to work that avoid organizing campaigns in the first place.

LRI has grown by delivering results, being trusted advisors and adding value to our clients’ organizations. Our clients represent a long list of familiar names in every part of the economy and we’re proud to have earned long-term relationships with so many of them.

Phillip B. Wilson, President and General Counsel of Labor Relations Institute, is a national expert on labor relations and creating positive workplaces. He is regularly featured in the business media including Fox Business News, Bloomberg News, HR Magazine, and the New York Times.

Wilson is a highly regarded keynote speaker, an adjunct professor at Northeastern State University, and the author of numerous books and articles on labor relations, union corruption and creating a positive workplace, including: The Approachability Playbook; Left of Boom (which reached number 2 on Amazon.com’s Hot Human Resource Books); Managing the Union Shop; and Model Contract Clauses.

Phil has been called on multiple occasions to testify before Congress on the subject of union financial reporting requirements. Wilson graduated magna cum laude from Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, and went on to earn his J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School.

Prior to joining Labor Relations Institute, Wilson practiced law at a Chicago firm where he represented companies nationwide in all areas of labor and employment law. He has also served as director of human resources for a multi- million dollar gaming corporation.

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Media Contact

Phillip B. Wilson (918) 994-2574