We stumbled upon a job posting for an SEIU Local 509 Internal Organizer. Nothing unusual about that. Until you read the note about SEIU’s newly created Member Action Resource Center. MARC is a call center for local members to use when reporting a grievance. That’s right. Members won’t speak directly to their local anymore about anything grievance related. Instead, they’ll be directed to a call center.

screen shot of note from the job posting


Mary Kay Henry

Mary Kay Henry placed SEIU Nevada under a trusteeship. And now the International is being sued by a member of the local who believes this takeover of local operations “was done fraudulently.”

In keeping with the theme of transparency, SEIU Local 503 recently changed its corporate status to no longer be considered a nonprofit by Oregon state laws. This means that they no longer have to hold annual meetings with their members, nor do they have to release their membership information to the members.

Last week, a National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation Staff attorney argued before the U.S. Court of Appeals on behalf of Illinois home care providers. The home health care providers are attempting to retrieve the money SEIU took from them in the years leading up to the Harris v. Quinn decision in 2014.

And in an entertaining side note: last month a group of SEIU protesters did their protesting on the wrong person’s lawn. The group thought they were set up outside their Congressman’s home, but they weren’t – a fact that was pointed out to them multiple times by the neighbors. The police were forced to remove the protestors from the neighborhood, along with the coffin they brought with them (for dramatic effect of course).