SEIU announced this month that it will be laying off its last health and safety staffer. This national department is the one whose job it is to lobby the Labor Department and other federal agencies to enact stricter workplace provisions. The decision to prioritize other expenses, like say political campaign contributions, over this clear resource for members is interesting to say the least – interesting, but not surprising. A quick recap of a few SEIU investments:

Since 2010, union officials have sent more than $1.3 billion in member dues (without prior approval) to liberal advocacy groups, including the Democratic Governors Association, Clinton Foundation, and Planned Parenthood.

Speaking of SEIU’s spending habits, Dave Regan reportedly spent $6 million on just one of his ten ballot initiatives. This ballot initiative in particular targets kidney dialysis companies. Regan’s hope is that he can get them to agree to a deal before the vote; in which case, he would withdraw the bill.

Regan’s not the only union rep getting political this season. Big Labor across California have measures they are pushing (and financing) hard. Details here.