Although it has been posited that Millennials are more likely to be progressive/liberal in political mindset, they are pragmatic in their view toward the trajectory of their work life. This seems to be lost on unions, who rather than spend money to woo this infusion of labor into the union camp, continue to spend instead on political means to achieve their ends.

Millennials look the other way. With so many union pension funds in crises status, they know any dues they toss in that direction will never return to them. They also prefer choice, and thus stand against unions on right-to-work. It’s also obvious that the union reliance on tenure for advancement and layoff protections is a disconnect, and merit bonuses (or even recognition) don’t exist in most union environments.

[Image: Sodexo Workplace Trends Report - click image for source]

There are an estimated 78 million Millennial workers, and by some counts they are the only group positioned to save unions from extinction. Unions may have to change strategy and tactics dramatically to ever have a chance of gaining ground with them.