Although most of the news coming out of the DOL and the NLRB would be considered positive by employers, when such agencies have become Republican-controlled in the past, unions have resorted to other tactics, and specifically corporate campaigns, to attempt to get what they want from employers. On top of this, the rise of populist movements like #metoo create additional tools for Big Labor to leverage. Bottom line: don’t get complacent!

This article provides a reminder of the types of tactics unions like to employ in corporate campaigns, and a quick list of recommended employer actions, including:

  • Conducting OSHA, wage and hour, and antitrust compliance audits
  • Engaging in positive employee relations training and messaging
  • Conducting up-to-date anti-harassment training
  • Evaluating pay equity within the company
  • Creating an effective internal and external communication system in relation to potential and actual union activity
  • Assembling a dedicated team of inside or outside counsel to respond to filings at the NLRB, such as unfair labor practice charges and representation petitions