The UAW is promising a healthier work environment and better work-life balance to the Tesla employees it is attempting to organize in California. Those employees would be wise to pay attention to the various lawsuits the union is facing across the country.

In Chicago, a Ford plant manager has been accused by 33 women of sexual harassment, and have also claimed that though they repeatedly reported the harassment to company and union officials, they saw nothing done and in fact experienced retribution for their efforts to expose the predator. When the claim was finally settled, the FBI widened the probe to include all of the Big Three automakers, to examine corruption between the companies and the unions in the form of exchanging money for labor peace.

Two additional lawsuits against the UAW and Fiat Chrysler reiterate the corruption. The lawsuits point to union officials accepting bribes (or extracting them) for laying off and locking out employees, in violation of the collective bargaining agreement.