For the first time since the Auto Worker’s 2014 attempt to organize the Chattanooga, Tenn. Volkswagen plant, the union held a representation vote in the South. And lost. Again. This time at Nissan’s plant in Canton, Miss. Despite receiving only 37% of the vote, many believe the union isn’t going to let up.

That would come with little surprise, as it’s exactly what happened in Chattanooga. Remember how they set up an office just down the road from the plant only months after the election?  And how they accused Volkswagen of interfering? It appears we’re in for the same strategy with Nissan.

One thing that this outcome reiterates regardless of if the Auto Workers want to accept it or not – the majority of southern auto workers aren’t interested in union representation.

Meanwhile, the union has also been dealing with a federal investigation into corruption at the UAW-Chrysler National Training Center. The investigation seeks to determine who is at fault for the redirection of $4.5 million in funds from the training center. So far, the FBI has charged three former UAW leaders and one Fiat Chrysler analyst, James Durden.

Durden pleaded guilty earlier this month.

For details on how this might affect the union’s 2018 election, check this article out.