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New Study: Private Sector Unions Do Not Raise Employee Pay

In a study released by Brigham Young University, MIT-trained economist Brigham Fransen found that average wages in newly organized companies fell by three percent, including all private-sector union elections since 1980. Looking more closely at the data, the main reason for the decline is the exodus from newly unionized companies of the top-performing (and usually more highly paid) employees. When those employees are factored out of the equation, wages do not change at all.

Obviously, most union organizers would prefer this reality to remain hidden!


Phil Explains LM-2 Treasure to SHRM Readers

In a recent article for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) website, Phil describes how to research a union using the LM-2 form, which all unions must provide to the government.


Young People More Supportive of Unions

The Pew Research Center recently released a new study detailing the American public’s outlook on labor unions. Although not surprising that millennials are more supportive overall, the fact that even conservative millennials are more supportive than not indicates an uncomfortable trend. If the trend continues there are implications as millennials begin to take the reigns of political power in the U.S.


New Poll: Americans Critical of Unions

A recently released Harris Poll indicates most Americans believe labor unions are too involved in politics (72%) and more concerned with fighting changes than trying to bring about change (71%).

From Harris’ web site:

Key findings from the survey include:

Almost two-thirds (65%) of adults agree that unions improve wages and working conditions of workers. A higher 72% of people who live in union households agree with this. Over seven in ten believe that unions are too involved in politics (72%), are more concerned with fighting change than with trying to bring about change (71%) and stifle individual initiative (63%), People in union households are somewhat less critical though majorities of union households still feel unions are too involved in politics (60%) and are

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Check Up On State Lawmaking Related to Unions

Here is a very handy page from the National Conference of State Legislatures site, on which you can search for active legislation by state, or for all states. There are some selectable topics, such as Elections/Certification, Negotiations, and Right-to-Work/Membership, or you can leave the topics blank and see all labor union related legislation in process.