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Labor Around The World

Some may remember that on April 24, 2013, a garment factory complex collapsed in Bangladesh, killing more than 1,130 workers and injuring 2,500. Since then, global clothing companies and U.N. agencies have been working with the Bangladesh government to improve safety standards. One of the main regulations established includes a disclosure agreement. However, at this time, only 17 companies are now meeting the minimum disclosure standards. And only “29 of 72 recently contacted companies are releasing information about how they source their products in Bangladesh.”

Jordan saw a 22 percent rise in labor protests in 2016. One report, released by the Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies stated:

“The concentrated number of labor protests reflects the deep socioeconomic crisis which Jordan is going through. These are indications of the continuing deterioration of decent work conditions, of low and fluctuating salaries, of the evasion of health insurance and

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SEIU Watch

Police reports from Danbury, Newington and Stamford, Connecticut suggest SEIU organizers may be up to their usual foul guerrilla tactics in a strike against Healthbridge Management that began on July 3.

A Danbury Police report says clean linens were being thrown on the floor and “patients’ identification wrist bands were removed as well as patient identifiers on room doors and wheelchairs.” The report adds the persons involved are “presumed to be employees who are part of a protest taking place outside against the Danbury Health Care Center.” If we apply that special brand of SEIU organizer strategic “thinking” to these occurrences this sure looks like the union playing fast and loose with patients’ lives in order to make the point that the striking workers, unlike replacement

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