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Appreciate the information which is articulated very well. Thank you.

Superb structure and content advisory for the LM avalanche approaching. I particularly liked the tripwire commentary and redirection to the Jump team. Then there are those masterful remarks in the communications tips, especially the employee-centric point.. Liked the set up to the toxic employee in a compressed time period...should be appealing to most managers.
W. Moyer

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Labor Relations INK June 2016

In this issue:

Big Labors Version of the Facts Auto Workers Lying Low Verizon Strike Ends Could Trump Trump Big Labor? SEIU Watch, Scoreboard, Sticky Fingers and more…

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Union Bailout Update

As you should already know if you opened the earlier email from us, there is some big news on the Persuader Rule front. The DOL has grandfathered in all engagements – including multi-year or long-term – that exist prior to July 1, eliminating the need for reporting where such agreements exist. If you missed that email and want to get this covered, send an email to us and we’ll get you taken care of.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the Speciality Healthcare decision allowing micro units, in a challenge that has spanned 4 years. This is the fourth

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Wilson on NLRB's Replacement Worker Ruling

shrmSHRM magazine wrote an article on the NLRB’s May 31 ruling that restricts employers right to permanently replace striking workers, with a focus on employer intent.

They reached out to Phil for comment.

“Everyone is motivated to damage the other side…That is the whole point of a strike. In some cases the union may even be motivated to destroy a company operation, even if it leaves members at that location without a job, in order to achieve a bigger bargaining goal elsewhere.”

Click here to read the article.

NLRB Success Rate Laid Out in Open Letter

On February 4th, the Committee of Practice and Procedure Under the NLRA submitted a letter to the National Labor Relations Board. As you can infer from the name of the committee, the letter posed many questions that had to do with NLRB processes – concerning things like the NexGen online filing system, how often information is subpoenaed, current time-frames for case decisions, etc. The answers to all of these questions and more can be found in the document here.

One of the bits of information we here at LRI found most interesting is the NLRB success rate. In Fiscal Year 2015, there were 20,199 unfair labor practice charges filed. Of those that went to litigation, the NLRB won 88%.

Bottom line, if the NLRB decides to go after you in court you’re dead.

Labor Relations INK March 2016

In this issue:

Union Pension Woes Continue Only The Names Have Changed… Fighting Back Labor Around the World Insight, SEIU Watch, Labor Around the World, and more…

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Labor Relations Insight

by Phil Wilson

Persuader: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

goodbadugly2The persuader rule went final today. I’ve read the rule. All 446 pages (I don’t have a life so you can have one). Okay, I may have skimmed a few pages. Here is what you need to know about the new rule.

The Good

Here’s the good news: This rule is much improved over the proposed rule from 2011.

The Department of Labor deserves some credit for listening to its regulated community. They rolled back a number of

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App Makes It Easier To Report Bad Employers

The Workers Lab is working on a new app that makes reporting OSHA violations much simpler.

The app doesn’t have a name yet but is being built by SeeClickFix, a civic technology company that has changed the game in reporting and resolving community issues. The SeeClickFix app allows regular citizens to report problems that need fixed to the appropriate local government officials. So far it has had nearly 2.5 million complaints filed.

While this may appear to be a good thing, there is a high possibility of the tool being taken advantage of. Think “bad apple” employees who have an axe to grind with management. Or avid union supporters who would use it to pressure the company into encouraging or embracing organizing activity.

The worst potential side effect is that this app will likely increase the distance between leaders and those they lead. After

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Labor Relations INK February 2016

In this issue:

Propping Up A Dinosaur When In Trouble, Ask For A Raise! Union Pension Shipwreck West Virginia to Join Ranks of Right To Work States Teamster Beat, Sticky Fingers, Scoreboard, Insight and more…

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Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson 5 Steps to Prepare for the Persuader Rule

If you believe the rumors out of Washington (I do), the so-called persuader rule is on track to go from “proposed” to “final” by the end of next month. It could slip into April but at this point it looks like it is going to happen. After more than 5 years the rule will no longer be a hypothetical. Are you ready?

Most companies I talk to (not to mention most consultants and law firms) still treat this rule as a potential threat, versus a

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State AGs Stand Up Against Proposed Persuader Rule

13 State Attorney Generals signed and submitted a letter to Howard Shelanski, Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, earlier this month. The letter details their objections to the proposed Persuader Rule.

The AGs state that the new rule would:

“undermine [the protections of the LMRDA] by requiring the reporting of advice related to persuasion of employees, regardless of whether the lawyers who provide the advice communicate with anyone other than their clients;” put lawyers “in an ethical dilemma: An attorney must either risk professional disciplinary action by disclosing employer confidences or risk liability under the LMRDA by refusing to disclose employer confidences;” “cause particular harm to small businesses” that can’t afford in-house counsel (the proposed requirement applies specifically to outside consultants); and finally “have a chilling effect on attorney-client confidentiality and employers’ fundamental right to counsel.

To read the letter in full and see the list of

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Political Survey Features Labor's Decline

Last month, Working America, an affiliate of the AFL-CIO, released a report that examined Donald Trump’s appeal to working-class voters. The goal? To reveal the issues, information, and the type of messenger needed to counter the Trump version of the conservative message that has taken America by storm.

Of the 1,689 prospective voters canvassed during this study, 53 percent said they were still currently undecided about the presidential race. However, among the decided, 38 percent favored Trump, while only 22 percent favored Clinton and 12 percent favored Sanders. Even more, the study found that Trump supporters were strikingly loyal – with one-third stating they wouldn’t vote for anyone else if Trump wasn’t on the ticket.

What’s particularly interesting about this study is that the Americans surveyed held household incomes of $75,000 or less. Households with these demographics would, historically, go along with an agenda in line with the AFL-CIO (although

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Labor Relations INK January 2016

In this issue:

New Blood Operating Engineers Blackballs Employee CWA Throws In The Towel At IBM Mixed Media SEIU Watch, Sticky Fingers, Scoreboard, Insight and more…

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Labor Relations Insight with Phil Wilson

The Real Impact of Ambush Elections

In just a couple of months we will have one year of experience under the NLRB’s ambush election rule making. This is one of the most significant changes in US labor law since… Ever. It has slashed the amount of time employees have to consider their decision about whether or not to choose representation. More important, it has fundamentally altered how decisions about who is included (and excluded) from bargaining are made.

But what are the actual “on the ground” differences? Let me start with the latest statistics. First, number of days till an election. Here

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Union Makes List of Scariest People in 2015


Watchdog.org is a non-profit organization that works to expose government waste, fraud and abuse of power. At the start of this year, they posted a list entitled, “Watchdog’s Scariest People of 2015.”

Guess who made it all the way up to Number 5?

No, it wasn’t Dave Regan. Nice try though.

It was the whole Philadelphia Federation of Teachers organization. Here’s why.

Every year, there are up to 63 designated “ghost teachers” working within the School District of Philadelphia. They’re called ghost teachers because they are permitted to leave the classrooms to work full-time for the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers. Meanwhile, they still accrue seniority and receive salary, benefits, and pensions (paid for by the state, which means by the taxpayers).

Ghostbusters_logo.svgUnion Makes List of Scariest People in 2015