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One of the most informative sites I use as ab HR Director for 24 hospitals
L. Friday

As a current target of a union organizing campaign, I highly value this site to provide me any new information regarding the Card Check Bill or anything that could be of value in combating what is unquestionably the most undemocratric and biased procedure and battle I have ever encountered. Representing oneself is difficult enough and I appreciate all that the LRI does.
M. Nelson

Am happy to see this info offered free to get us started.

Mafia/Union Ties Still Strong

FBI agents and NYPD cops arrested 19 members and associates of the Lucchese crime family in a May 31st sweep. Crimes charged included wire fraud, racketeering, drug trafficking and murder committed over a 17-year period.

How does this tie into unions? According to the article,

Labor racketeering was a big part of this crime web. And it was the elder Steven Crea who made it happen. During January 1991-October 1998, brothers Giuseppe and Fred Scalamandre, owners of several Long Island construction companies, paid Lucchese crime family boss Alphonse D’Arco and underboss Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso about $40,000 a year to avoid making scheduled union benefit contributions, as specified in collective bargaining agreements. The Lucchese organization then paid off bosses and agents of Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) Local

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Toe The Line

Believe it or not, there are times when a union is willing to forego the money it could extract from a member. Case in point – LUINA expelled a construction worker in Indiana from the union for challenging the amount of dues going toward a union fund, and then illegally instructed the company that he worked for to exclude him from further work opportunities. The union further refused the worker’s attempts to remain current on his dues payments.

The moral of this story: As a lowly union member, it does not pay to challenge anything your union wants to do.

The IRS Scandal No One Is Talking About

IRSYes, the IRS targeted TEA Party groups. Understandable when a Chicago-style politician resides in the White House. What you are not hearing about is the IRS targeting of homebuilders, for the express benefit of particular unions and the organized crime mobs behind them. In their Freedom of Information request, the organization stated,

“The Center wishes to review documents showing the role played by the federal government, some states and possibly other outside entities, to impose additional administrative costs on an industry in which few publicly traded companies are profitable, most have seen major cutbacks in work and many have had major layoffs.”

The Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) is the outside party referred to. Many LIUNA locals are known to be front organizations for organized crime activity. The IRS

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Labor Relations INK ~ February 2013

In this issue:

Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson Union Bailout Update LRIOnline 2013 Annual Report Feature Love You or Leave You by Eric Vanetti SEIU Watch, Scoreboard, Sticky Fingers, and more…



Labor Relations Insight by Phil Wilson

Unions love to hate companies, especially publicly traded ones. After all, attacking big companies lets unions combine some of their favorite pastimes. They get to rail against the 1%, hang out with politicians and celebrities, get on TV and, perhaps most important of all, bring out The Rat.

Scabby the Rat is

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Laborers’ International Union Digs Hole. Six-Foot Deep?

According to the Washington Times, the Laborers’ International Union (LIUNA) currently is neck-deep in a three-pronged mess which includes ongoing tax problems, the illegal employment of at least one felon, and a secretarial pool that went rogue and threatened to unionize.

Not bothering to hide their hypocrisy, LIUNA officials continue to criticize others – including 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney – for not paying taxes, while they themselves have evaded their own tax responsibilities for the last eight years, to the tune of nearly a half-million dollars of debt. Worse still is that the International has only been out of the tax hole since 1996.

It’s not much of a surprise that the LIUNA has gotten into another financial pickle, though

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LIUNA Pays $12M to Bust a Union

A disclaimer up front – no one is suggesting this is the most fiscally responsible or effective (let alone legal) means to remain union free! But if you’re the newly appointed management of LIUNA local 183 in Toronto, and your new staff has just completed an end run around you to representation by SEIU, and no one holds you accountable for how you spend millions of dues dollars, and because you do God’s work labor laws really shouldn’t apply to you, then paying off the entire newly unionized staff to quit just might seem like your best next move.

Neither SEIU nor LIUNA would discuss terms of the staff buyouts. However two sources familiar with the terms confirm that Local 183 would be paying out

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Company Allowed to Sue Union for Computer & Phone Abuse

In a bit of good news, the Sixth Circuit court ruled on Tuesday that a company could sue a union for “orchestrating an onslaught on the company’s phone and e-mail systems” under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).

When a construction company fired an employee for misconduct and poor performance, LIUNA engaged in the typical dual action of filing unfair labor practices, and firing up a corporate campaign to disparage the company. LIUNA hired an auto-dialing firm and encouraged its members to email and call the company and 3 of its executives, which so clogged both the phone and email systems that business efforts were severally hampered, inspiring the company to sue.