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Very interesting. I like what you have to point out and await the information disc.
T. Eby

Always enjoy reading the latest and greatest posts and activity updates. This is a 'favorite' site for me and has been referred to several colleagues involved in and who want to learn about labor relations.
G.L. Moore

great site
P. Mousel

Labor political power, RIP?

Super article from David Broder on the weakness of the labor lobby. His statistics could use more than a little work (his source, EPI, is heavily funded by organized labor). The wage gap number is just plain wrong (this is a .pdf file of the most recent BLS statistics that will download on your computer – it shows the most recent union-non-union wage gap of under $4.50 per hour, and this statistic is often criticized by economists for overstating the gap). Also no mention of the economic “dead-weaight” impact of monopoly rents negotiated by unions (another .pdf study arguing that unions increase unemployment and reduce economic growth – costing the U.S. economy trillions over time). However, the anecdotal observations of a Washington “insider” about the weakness of the labor lobby are very interesting to note.

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