Unions On The Campaign Trail


Although it is typical for Big Labor to throw all of its support behind the Democratic candidate for president, and for most of union member voters to follow suit, this year could be quite different. Democrat supporters are more squeamish about Clinton, and Trump is just too wild of a wild card to really know whose hearts are being captured by his rhetoric. It does seem clear that this year more than others, union membership are not towing the line behind leadership, which could be particularly crucial in labor-dominated hinge states like Nevada.


Wilson on NLRB's Replacement Worker Ruling

shrmSHRM magazine wrote an article on the NLRB’s May 31 ruling that restricts employers right to permanently replace striking workers, with a focus on employer intent.

They reached out to Phil for comment.

“Everyone is motivated to damage the other side…That is the whole point of a strike. In some cases the union may even be motivated to destroy a company operation, even if it leaves members at that location without a job, in order to achieve a bigger bargaining goal elsewhere.”

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Wilson Quoted on Unions and the Gig Economy


Insurance Journal took to Phil’s expertise in their recent article on unions, Uber, and the gig economy. Check out the article here.

Phil Quoted in Reuters

reutersPhil Wilson is quoted in today’s Reuters article on unions, Uber and the gig economy.

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Phil Featured in AMA Quarterly

AMA Quarterly

AMA Quarterly

Check out Phil’s feature article “Are YOU the Reason Your Employees Are Leaving?” in the Spring edition of the American Management Association’s Quarterly Journal (page 39). The article dives into the research and thought process behind Approachable Leadership.

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Wilson Quoted on Verizon Strike

shrm_logoAccording to Phil Wilson, the CWA doesn’t have near the muscle today that it had back in 2000, when 85,000 Verizon employees went on strike. With a smaller employee base and only about half as many union members going on strike, Verizon doesn’t seem to have difficulty keeping up with the workload.

“Strikes are all about leverage. If Verizon can continue operations with replacement workers—and it looks like they can—then the CWA has no leverage and they won’t get anything,” said Wilson in a recent article posted by the Society for Human Resource Management. Wilson continued, “This is why strikes are rarely effective today. Companies are often able to perform at least as well during a strike—many perform better—which takes away all the leverage from the union.”


Wilson Quoted on Fight for $15 Rallies

shrm_logoPhil Wilson was quoted in a recent Society for Human Resource Management article about the Fight for $15 movement and rallies.

Fast Company Asks Phil Wilson About Leadership

fast-companyFor a recent Fast Company magazine article titled “6 Signs That You’re Management Material,” Phil Wilsons recent writings about the value of approachability as a leader struck a chord. Point number 2 of the article is “You’re Approachable,” and quoted Phil, “If you’re approachable you’ll be a successful leader. If you’re unapproachable over the long run you will fail.” Phil explained that approachable bosses listen to and respect their employees, acknowledge the contributions of others, and create an open-door policy, among other approachable behaviors. Learn more about approachability here.

Phil Wilson Featured in SHRM Persuader Rule Article

shrm_logoThe Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) featured comments by Phil Wilson in its recent article addressing the Persuader Rule, published today in the Federal Register. Phil addressed the potential impact upon law firms, trade association meetings, and employee survey providers.

Daily Caller Quotes Wilson…Sort Of

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.03.38 AMWe appreciate it when we are contacted by the media to present our perspective on a topic, or when they quote from one of our articles. And while we appreciate the Daily Caller attempting to bring a wider audience to Phil’s latest Labor Relations Insight article on the impact of the Ambush Rule, it would be preferable for the author to read the article thoroughly, get the facts and numbers correct, and focus on the key point.

Hopefully, readers were industrious enough to click the link to read the actual article and understand the real story behind the “facts.”

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