The Workforce Fairness Institute (WFI) today issued the following list of rules, complaints and actions President Obama’s “independent” agencies can shed or refrain from enacting in an effort to create jobs and restore economic growth:

 1) NLRB: Rescind complaint against the Boeing Company.

2) NLRB: Withhold issuance of ruling in Specialty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center of Mobile.

3) NLRB: Cease activity on proposed rule closing the election window from 38 days to just over a week.

4) NLRB: Refrain from instituting organizing elections that are offsite or employ electronic technology.

5) NLRB: Withdraw decision requiring employees who objected to paying full agency fees for nonrepresentational purposes to renew annually.

6) NLRB: End lawsuit against states that passed constitutional amendments defending the secret ballot.

7) NLRB: Cancel judgment allowing third party contractors to access private property to organize workers and distribute materials.

 8) NLRB: Annul decision allowing large inflatable rats to be displayed outside businesses for the purpose of intimidating workers and customers.

9) NMB: Retract rule changing nearly a century of precedent in the airline and railroad industries whereby a majority of workers were required to form a collective bargaining unit.

10) NMB: Stop frivolous investigations against American airlines and job creators.