Former USW President Gary Jones

The hammer finally fell on Gary Jones, former President of the UAW, as federal prosecutors charged the disgraced union leader with plotting to embezzle over $1 million in the widespread scandal.

Ironically, just as the Teamsters finally emerged from three decades of federal oversight, a similar federal takeover of the UAW is being considered as an option in an attempt to clean out the “culture of corruption and greed” rampant in the organization.

Rome Aloise

One wonders if the Feds were a bit hasty in releasing the Teamsters from oversight, as a report by Teamsters Independent Investigations Officer, Joseph diGenova, charges that Teamster boss Rome Aloise continued to exert control over union affairs in unethical and possibly criminal ways during a supposed two-year suspension from Teamster leadership. Aloise is a Bay Area local leader as well as an Executive Vice President of the International union, who was suspended in December 2017 for a host of allegations.

Meanwhile, the Border Patrol Union is missing half a million dollars from its coffers. While rumors of a massive embezzlement scheme have been circulating among the El Paso local staff since 2018, union President Brandon Judd told agents in November of last year that there is an open investigation, confirming, “we expect there will be indictments.”